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    Updated: March 18, 2024

    The name Mitsubishi is commonly associated with cars. However, they also make air conditioning units and have been on the air conditioning market for a while now. Mitsubishi air conditioning systems come in a wide range of products to fit households of all types. 

    If you’re interested in Mitsubishi air conditioners, then you have come to the right place. Here at Let’s Heat we install, service and repair Mitsubishi air conditioning systems. 

    Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Units

    Mitsubishi air conditioning systems have various forms and sizes for residential buildings, office spaces or retail outlets. 

    M Series

    The M Series is fit to cool small to medium size spaces. This can include both homes and retail units. You can get the M Series as a wall mounted unit or a floor mounted unit. This makes them flexible and can fit in any given space available. 

    Mr Slim

    Mr Slim is one of the top selling air conditioners. This unit can be used to cool various building types, such as offices or retail units. It is worth mentioning that Mr Slim uses low GWP R32 refrigerant. What makes this unit stand out is the fact that it is efficient, compact and reliable. That is why it is among the best selling air conditioners in the UK. 


    Having a multi-split air conditioning system means that you can connect 2 to 11 indoor units to a single outdoor unit. With this kind of system you will be able to design a system which can match the layout of your building. 

    City Multi VRF

    This type of system is good for buildings that are medium or large in size and that demand high level performance. By using the VRF or the Hybrid VRF you will be able to connect multiple indoor units to a larger one outside. This system can be used to serve a very large indoor space. 

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    Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Repairs & Servicing

    Mitsubishi air conditioners tend to be large and complex to repair so make sure that you get in touch with a professional repairman. Trying to fix it yourself might result in more damage that can be costly. So as you see, trying to do the job yourself might cost you more than hiring a professional. 

    What is Air Conditioning Maintenance?

    It is recommended that you immediately seek an air conditioning expert when you notice that your air conditioning unit is not working as it should be. An experienced air conditioning engineer will check your unit and provide a diagnosis of the problem you are having with your system.

    The performance of an air conditioning system might decrease for a number of reasons. These can include:

    • Leaks
    • Lack of maintenance
    • Obstructed filters

    These reasons might cause a lot of issues with your air conditioning system. If neglected, these issues can lead to a high cost of repair.

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    Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Installation

    In short, whether you need Installation, servicing or repair for your Mitsubishi air conditioner, get in touch with us today. Our team of experts are experienced and have a high level of knowledge when it comes to Mitsubishi air conditioners. So don’t worry. You will be in safe hands. 

    What does Split Air Conditioner Installation involve?

    A proper installation is an essential key to having a split air conditioning system working properly and efficiently. Otherwise, you will face certain issues with your system. These might include:  

    • An increase in your energy bills will occur due to the fact that your system is not working efficiently. 
    • Your split unit will not be able to cool or heat your home or business at its full capacity. 
    • The lifespan of your system will surely decrease because your system is not working as it should be and thus it will be prone to malfunctions.

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    Mitsubishi Air Conditioning
    Mitsubishi Air Conditioning 4

    How does an air conditioner work?

    When your air conditioner is switched on, its internal fans would draw air into the unit and over a cold evaporator coil. A chemical refrigerant would absorb the heat and cools the air as well as removing some of the moisture. 

    After that the cooled air is recirculated into the room. This process has the effect of reducing the overall humidity and temperature. An external hose would vent the hot air outside.

    Your air conditioner will automatically switch off once the desired temperature is achieved. When your unit detects that the temperature inside is getting hot again, it will switch back on in order to maintain the required temperature. 

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    What are the benefits of Domestic Air Conditioning?

    Having an air conditioning system installed in your home has a range of benefits. These might include:

    • You will be able to control your home’s environment as you like. You will have the ability to cool or heat any part of your house as you desire at the touch of a button.
    • We can help you choose a unit which can fit your decor and the interior of your home.
    • Domestic air conditioning systems produce little to no noise. So you do not have to worry about noise pollution.
    • An air conditioning system is easy to use as they are user friendly. You will master using it in no time.
    • Some air conditioning systems have allergy relief options that can purify the air in your room.
    • Domestic air conditioning units are quite affordable. What is more, there are many options that would be suitable to your personal budget.

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    What are wall-mounted domestic air conditioning systems?

    One of the most popular options for air conditioning nowadays is wall-mounted domestic systems. These units are popular for three main reasons:

    • They are the most affordable solution.
    • They are the easiest and the least stressful when it comes to the installation process.
    • They do not require construction work or renovation. 

    Another element that helped these units gain popularity is the fact that they produce little or no noise pollution. This is, particularly, a perfect feature for domestic installation. In addition to installing regular wall-mounted systems, we also install low wall-mounted units. These units will be placed lower, as low as a radiator. These systems will be useful in places where walls are lower than other places in your home such as conservatories. 

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    Mitsubishi Air Conditioning
    Mitsubishi Air Conditioning 5

    Why Choose Us?

    We’re Punctual 

    We always aim for simplicity and quality of work. Using the latest and the beat management system to schedule jobs and confirm appointments, send reminders and issue certificates and send bills. We offer next-day installations and emergency services as well. We’re very quick to respond to your call and will be at your doorstep in no time.

    We Care

    Establishing a good relationship with our customers is our priority. We always take the time to understand what your heating requirements are. We do our best so as not to create any sort of disruption to your home or make so much noise. 

    Experienced Staff 

    Our experience in the heating business has paved the way for us to expand further and provide our services nationwide. We’re very committed to our work. Our engineers are helpful and informative. They are highly skilled and have a wide knowledge of their trade. Our services include: Air Conditioners installation, service and repair,  boiler installation, maintenance, repair and boiler service plan. We work with all types of boilers: heat only boilers, system boilers and combi boilers. We install heat pumps and central heating systems. And we also provide plumbing services and much more. 


    What is air conditioning?

    Air conditioning (AC) is a system which is used to cool down the temperatures inside a place by removing heat and moisture from the room. To put it simply, they take warm air into a system and disperse cold air. 

    What to look for when buying an air conditioner?

    Energy efficiency
    Air quality
    Split or window AC
    Installation and maintenance
    Cooling speed

    What are the benefits of a domestic air conditioner?

    Reduce High Humidity.
    Better Air Quality
    Reduce Asthma Attacks.
    Stop Insects & Parasites.
    Reduce the Risk of Dehydration & Heat Stroke.

    What is an AC compressor?

    A compressor is the engine of an air conditioning system. It’s the part that changes the refrigerant from a cool, low-pressure liquid to a hot, high-pressure gas, and then back again.

    What are the most common types of air conditioning systems?

    That would be split Air Conditioning  Systems. To begin with, split systems have an outside condenser unit as well as an internal cassette. This cassette has the ability to increase the capacity of the condenser. As a result, allowing it to provide cool air to lager rooms. Not to mention that you can link several cassettes to a single condenser. This system is usually known as a multi-split system.

    What is the lifespan of an air conditioner?

    Although each unit is different, and every homeowner has a different understanding of when their central air conditioner is broken beyond repair, it can be said that, with regular maintenance and care, you can get a good 15 to 20 years of cooling from a new high efficiency air conditioning system.