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    Updated: February 12, 2024

    We have an excellent team of engineers who are licensed to carry out different types of air conditioning installations. These include working with various systems such as monoblock, split and ducted systems. In addition, we provide products from leading brands in the air conditioning industry.  

    Our services include carrying out installation, repair and maintenance jobs to both domestic and commercial systems. So whether you have a small spilt system for an industrial unit or a more complicated ducted system for a larger building, our team can help with whatever you need.  

    What are the most common types of air conditioning installation systems? 

    Split Air Conditioning  Systems 

    To begin with, split systems have an outside condenser unit as well as an internal cassette. This cassette has the ability to increase the capacity of the condenser. As a result, allowing it to provide cool air to lager rooms. Not to mention that you can link several cassettes to a single condenser. This system is usually known as a multi-split system. 

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    Air Conditioning Installation Services In Uk
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    What are the benefits of a split system? 


    A split system unit is cost-effective to install. It is designed to cool different size of buildings such as a small industrial unit or a big hotel and a shopping centre. Without a doubt, the cost of this system will be determined by how many cassettes you are going with and the capacity of your condensers. We can provide you with a tailored quote.  

    An easy installation process 

    Unlike traditional systems, split systems need much less work to install. There will be no need for ductwork when it comes to installing split systems. However, an opening of about 3 inches in diameter is required for the connector between your indoor and outdoor units. All that is needed then is an access to electricity and a location for mounting your unit. Different lengths for refrigerant tubes are offered by Manufacturers. Your indoor and outdoor units can be up to 100 feet apart. 

    Quiet Operations 

    This type of indoor ductless unit operates as quietly as 19 decibels. This is much quieter than a window unit. What is more, the ductless condenser is slimmer and can make it easy for positioning in different locations if noise might be a problem or where there is not much space.  

    More Energy Efficient 

    A lot of energy is lost through ductwork. With leaky ducts you can have a loss of up to 30 percent in the cooling energy. Energy efficiency problems can occur when you have uninsulated ductwork or ductwork that has been installed in unconditioned spaces. Due to their ductless design, split systems can increase your energy savings and reduces money spent on future utility bills. In fact, ductless air conditioners, in some cases, can reach double the efficiency of a standard air conditioner. 

    More Security 

    When it comes to security, then a split system is more secure than a window unit, which can enable intruders a way to break into your home. There will not be any security threats from the small hole in your conduit as it does not represent much threat to the safety of your home. A large opening in your wall or window, however, can make you a target for intruders. 


    Split systems have the ability to cool different places of your home through splitting the space into zones. To put it simply, each zone will have its own thermostat. When you have separate thermostats, you will be able to control each area separately. As a result, you will use less energy while saving money at the same time.  

    Ductless air conditioners can be perfect for renovations where ducting is not possible. It can also be useful in older homes with poor distribution or electrically-heated houses and homes with hydronic heating. 

    They Go Well with Your Décor 

    Indoor installation is very flexible with a split air conditioner. They can be either suspended from the ceiling or hung on walls. Moreover, Jackets can be used to make them look more elegant and sophisticated. What is more, unlike window units which require you to make a hole in your wall or fill your window space, split systems are less obtrusive. 

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    Cassette Air Conditioning installation Systems 

    To put it simply, cassettes are, in fact, the interior part of a split or a multi split unit. Their job is to turn liquid refrigerant from the condenser into a vapour. This vapour will then be vented into the room. Without a doubt, newer models have more efficiency to do that than older ones. That is why, it is common for them to be replaced in order to get the best out of your unit.  

    Cassettes come in several and different sizes. There are wall or ceiling mounting options and models. They are also compatible with most of major manufactures of condensing systems. We can help you replace an existing cassette and ensure more efficiency. Contact us for more information.  

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    Air Conditioning Installation Services In Uk
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    What are the advantages of a Cassette System? 

    • Cassette systems ensure a good distribution of air in the room due to their powerful fans, which can regulate the proper distribution of air in larger spaces. 
    • Because they are installed on the ceiling, they can save a significant amount of space. This can also make them almost invisible. 
    • They are silent because the second unit of the cassette is usually located outside. That is why they are perfect for offices or residents of a building. 
    • The thermostat of these air conditioning systems can be programmed at your request. The same goes for fan speed. You can adjust the room temperature and thus save on monthly electricity bills. 
    • Their thermostat can be programmed at your request. You can also control the speed of the fan. By adjusting the temperature of the room, you can save on your monthly electricity bills. 
    • They are energy efficient. 

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     Ducted Air Conditioning Systems 

    Ducted system, or as they sometimes called central systems, have the ability to distribute cool and warm air throughout the building. They differ from split systems in the fact that they have no internal cassette. Alternatively, cold and warm air will be fed from the external unit to grills inside through a ducting network. This, as a result, will allow them to cool more than one room at once. 

    These types of system are comprehensive. Therefore, much space is required for the large external condenser and the internal ducting as well. This makes them suitable for large home or office campuses. 

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    What are the advantages of Ducted Systems? 

    Whole home heating and cooling 

    A single unit of ducted air conditioning system can be connected to every other space in your workplace or home. By using only one remote, you will be able to control the temperature of each room in your space. This includes both cooling and heating. So only one system is needed to cover large buildings with multiple rooms.  

    Quiet operation 

    Another advantage for ducted systems is that they are quite. So you will enjoy a peaceful atmosphere whether you are at home or at the office.  

    Low profile look 

    Ducted air conditioning systems have a classy and a stylish look that can blend into your décor. Both the ducts and air conditioning vents are built into the internal workings of your property. Only the celling ducts and the control panel on display are shown internally which makes the whole system nice to look at. 

    Flexible zones 

    The aim of zoning is to allow for the isolation of the ducted air conditioning unit in order to enjoy the cool air in the room you are occupying and without wasting energy or air in rooms which are not being used. To put is simply, you can turn off air conditioning in parts of the house which are not being used. 

    Easy to control 

    You can control a ducted air conditioning system by a simple operate push button keypad which can be located in an area of your property with high traffic. By simply pressing a button, all your zones will be flushed with cool air. And you can also turn it off just the same. What is more, timers can be set to provide your property with cool air at any time you set. You can also set the time for it to be turned off after a while. 

    Can increase the value of your property 

    Although ducted systems are becoming affordable, they are still considered a luxury. So having one installed in your property can surely increase the value of your property.  


    A ducted air conditioning system can efficiently cool or heat large, multi-room areas. As a result, it can save you money on you energy bills. This is true when you use the zoning feature where you cool or heat the rooms that are being used only.  

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    Air Conditioning Installation Services In Uk
    Air Conditioning Installation Services In Uk

    Monoblock Air Conditioning Systems 

    Monoblock systems are designed to be as all-in-one units. So they do not include a separate condenser. A monoblock system should be mounted on an external wall in order to be easily vented. On the other hand, window-mounted systems are available as well. They can be vented through an open window. The benefit of this is a reduction in the cost of installation. However, it will block some of the light you get into the room.  

    What is more, Monoblock systems come in several sizes. They can cool a room of up to 500 sq. ft. This system is perfect for smaller places, especially when you only need to cool one or two rooms. 

    What are the advantages of the monoblock system? 

    • Monoblock systems can cool a room quickly, especially if we are talking about small or medium-sized rooms. 
    • They are easy to install. 
    • The monoblock system can purify or filter the air in your room. 
    • They work with inverter technology. This technology would enable the air conditioner to have a stable consumption. 
    • The reversible air conditioner can also heat the house in mid-season. So a reversible air conditioner can be used in both summer and winter. This is what makes it a good investment. 

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     Portable Air Conditioning Systems 

    Portable systems are a compact unit which comes as all-in-one monoblock systems. They can easily be moved from place to place. They include a vent pipe that should be put through an open window or a vent. This type of cooling systems are perfect for cooling temporary building like portacabins. You can also use them when your system is going through maintenance and you need a temporary solution.  

    Portable systems are able to cool rooms form 200 sq. ft. to 500 sq. ft. However, the precise output needed will depend on the size of the room or any other environmental considerations. get a quote in 60 seconds.

    What are the advantages of portable air conditioning systems? 

    Their price is lower 

    When compared to other air conditioning types like ductless mini splits and especially central air conditioners, most portable air conditioners are affordable as single room comfort solutions. 

    However, higher-end portable air conditioners can cost more than a standard model. But overall, an effective and high-quality portable system might be quite affordable. 

    Portable and Convenient Comfort 

    Portable air conditioning systems offer a user-friendly comfort because they are easy to set up. Most of them come with a caster wheels, which makes them very simple to move around from place to place. 

    You just need to be in a room with a window or a sliding door so that the unit can be exhausted and you will be good to go. 

    Little Installation is Required 

    Portable air conditioners do not require a professional to be set. Most of the available types are simple and easy to install and vent by using the manufacturer’s window kit. Few steps are needed to complete the installation of your portable system. In most cases, portable air conditioners can be vented through a window or a sliding door. 

    Can be controlled with a phone 

    Different top brands offer a Wi-Fi enabled portable air conditioner such as LG and Honeywell. These systems will enable you to monitor and control your air conditioner form anywhere by only using your cell phone and an app. 

    Good for all seasons 

    There are many features that can come with your portable air conditioning unit. Some of these features can help you use your unit throughout all seasons. 

    Some of these are: 

    Heat Mode 

    You can get a portable AC unit with a built-in heat feature. This can be used as a support for your other typical heating options. 

    Fan-Only Operation 

    This feature is especially useful on those days when you require neither heating nor cooling, but you want some fresh air moving throughout your room. 


    A unit with built-in dehumidification modes can be useful on muggy or rainy days. This will help you remove excess moisture. Some other models even offer a self-evaporation feature that can expel the collected moisture from the air conditioner. 

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    Air Conditioning Installation Services In Uk
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    What air conditioning services do we provide?  

    Domestic Air Conditioning 

    In the recent years and because of the increasing heat across the UK, domestic air conditioning is getting more popular. We offer our clients a range of compact options and solutions that can be installed in homes of different sizes. These options can include from cost-effective split systems to comprehensive ducted systems that can provide your home with both cool and warm air as well. 

    Commercial Air Conditioning 

    The efficiency of commercial air conditioning systems is always on the rise due to the rise in the cost of energy. That is why more cost-effective systems are always needed to replace older models. We offer a range of commercial air conditioning systems to cater for all types of building. Form single industrial units to large office blocks or hotels. 

    Duct installation 

    The installation of duct network on central air conditioning systems is a job for specialists. We can offer you a vast range of duct installation services for all types of air conditioners. We have a qualified team of engineers who work to the highest standards to ensure perfection in our work. 

     Removal of Existing Systems 

    Removal of air conditioning units is a delicate job which requires professional staff of engineers. Care and caution is needed while removing cassette units in order to prevent any loss of refrigerant and any damage to the compressor. Whether you need a cassette removal or to decommission an entire system, we can help.  

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    Air Conditioning FAQs: 

    What is air conditioning? 

    Air conditioning is a system which is used to cool down the temperatures inside a place by removing heat and moisture form the room. To put it simply, they take warm air into a system and disperse cold air.  

    What are the benefits of air conditioner? 

    Reduce High Humidity. 
    Better Air Quality 
    Reduce Asthma Attacks. 
    Stop Insects & Parasites. 
    Reduce the Risk of Dehydration & Heat Stroke. 
    Decrease Work Stress 

    Is sleeping in AC good for health? 

    Sleeping with the AC on can help prevent some heat-related conditions, like dehydration, heatstroke, and heat exhaustion. Typical AC filters will not purify the air, but they can prevent dust and particles from going into the system. 

    What are the five basic parts of air conditioning system? 

    Refrigerant. Refrigerant is a special fluid that is vital to cooling and freezing technology. 
    Condenser Coil 
    Expansion Valve 
    Evaporator Coil 

    What is an AC compressor? 

    A compressor is the engine of an air conditioning system. It’s the part that changes the refrigerant from a cool, low-pressure liquid to a hot, high-pressure gas, and then back again.