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    Updated: January 24, 2024

    Embrace cool comfort with our exploration of split air conditioning systems. Discover the efficiency and versatility of this cutting-edge technology, perfect for maintaining optimal temperatures in every corner of your space. Upgrade your cooling experience with the sleek and effective design of split AC units

    What is a Split Air Conditioning? 

    A spilt air conditioner has two main parts. These are the compressor, which is located outside and another part which is installed inside. An air conditioning system does not rely on a network of ductwork throughout the celling. They actually rely on set of pipes which connect the outdoor unit to the inside unit. That is why they are called ductless mini-split air conditioners. They work by dispersing refrigerant through the copper pipes that would cycle through the system to produce either cool or heated air.  

    A split system which has a high energy star will both be more efficient and help to keep the environment clean. What is more, it can lower you monthly energy bills because it uses less energy. 

    That is why you need to consider this type of systems when you want to install a new system or replace an existing unit. A split air conditioning system can work well in homes or places of business and without having to worry about using ductwork. It can be a great addition to your existing cooling or heating system. Moreover, a split air conditioning system can be a fantastic energy efficient option for your home or business.  

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    What Are the Pros of a Split Air Conditioning Unit? 

    If you do not have ductwork in your home, then a split system will be perfect for you. You will not have to incur an additional cost of installing ductwork around your home. 

    A spilt air unit works quite well within a small area. It can provide appropriate cooling and heating around your home. You can make your home even more comfortable by using it along with other sources of cooling or heating. 

    Another important benefit to the spilt system is the fact that you can at any time extend your system to include additional outlets to other rooms. Without a doubt, each room will have its own thermostat to allow individual control. You will be able to turn it on and off on demand. This is also known as a multi split air conditioner.  

    Only a copper tubing that connect the outside compressor to each air unit is necessary to install with additional air outlets. 

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    Other Advantages of the split system 

    1. Cost-effective 

    A split system unit is cost-effective to install. It is designed to cool different size of buildings such as a small industrial unit or a big hotel and a shopping centre. Without a doubt, the cost of this system will be determined by how many cassettes you are going with and the capacity of your condensers. We can provide you with a tailored quote.  

    1. An easy installation process 

    Unlike traditional systems, split systems need much less work to install. There will be no need for ductwork when it comes to installing split systems. However, an opening of about 3 inches in diameter is required for the connector between your indoor and outdoor units. All that is needed then is an access to electricity and a location for mounting your unit. Different lengths for refrigerant tubes are offered by Manufacturers. Your indoor and outdoor units can be up to 100 feet apart. 

    1. Quiet Operations 

    This type of indoor ductless unit operates as quietly as 19 decibels. This is much quieter than a window unit. What is more, the ductless condenser is slimmer and can make it easy for positioning in different locations if noise might be a problem or where there is not much space.  

    1. More Energy Efficient 

    A lot of energy is lost through ductwork. With leaky ducts you can have a loss of up to 30 percent in the cooling energy. Energy efficiency problems can occur when you have uninsulated ductwork or ductwork that has been installed in unconditioned spaces. Due to their ductless design, split systems can increase your energy savings and reduces money spent on future utility bills. In fact, ductless air conditioners, in some cases, can reach double the efficiency of a standard air conditioner. 

    1. More Security 

    When it comes to security, then a split system is more secure than a window unit, which can enable intruders a way to break into your home. There will not be any security threats from the small hole in your conduit as it does not represent much threat to the safety of your home. A large opening in your wall or window, however, can make you a target for intruders. 

    1. Zoning  

    Split systems have the ability to cool different places of your home through splitting the space into zones. To put it simply, each zone will have its own thermostat. When you have separate thermostats, you will be able to control each area separately. As a result, you will use less energy while saving money at the same time.  

    Ductless air conditioners can be perfect for renovations where ducting is not possible. It can also be useful in older homes with poor distribution or electrically-heated houses and homes with hydronic heating. 

    1. They Go Well with Your Décor 

    Indoor installation is very flexible with a split air conditioner. They can be either suspended from the ceiling or hung on walls. Moreover, Jackets can be used to make them look more elegant and sophisticated. What is more, unlike window units which require you to make a hole in your wall or fill your window space, split systems are less obtrusive. 

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    Which Split Air Conditioning system should I choose? 

    Before you choose a split system make sure to consult a professional who can help you choose the right one for your home. We offer our customers a site survey to make sure that they will end up with the right system for their homes or businesses. The size of your home or business can play an important role in determining what size to go with. Contact us for more information and help. We can answer you questions and make the process easier for you.  

    By selecting the right size you will save money and you will keep you home comfortable without having to deal with an increase in your monthly power bills. 

    Is a split system cheaper to run than a ducted system? 

    When it comes to the running cost, Split systems are way cheaper to run when compared to ducted air conditioner. The only limitation to a split system’s performance is its small area coverage in comparison to the ducted system that can cover multiple rooms. What is more, Split systems are also easier to install and more affordable to maintain as well. 

    Can Split systems heat and cool? 

    Ductless mini-split systems are energy efficient air conditioning and heating options, environmentally friendly and completely customizable. They offer homeowners the ability to cool and heat specific areas of their homes to the exact temperature they want, providing both consistent and exceptional year-round comfort. 

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    What does Split Air Conditioning Installation involve? 

    A proper installation is an essential key to having a split air conditioning system working properly and efficiently. Otherwise, you will face certain issues with your system. These might include:   

    • An increase in your energy bills will occur due to that fact that your system is not working efficiently.  
    • Your split unit will not be able to cool or heat you home or business at its full capacity.  
    • The lifespan of your system will surely decrease because your system is not working as it should be and thus it will be prone to malfunctions. 

    How can I ensure proper installation? 

    Make sure to use the services of a licensed contractor or a certified representative from a business or retailer to carry out the installation. You will void your warranty if you try to do the job yourself or hire a non-licensed individual. If your system fail or malfunction, your voided warranty can do nothing to help you. We have a team of licensed and certified engineers who are excellent at their job. We are both reliable and trustworthy. Contact us for more details.  

    Split Air Conditioning
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    What else to consider when getting a spilt system? 

    Whoever is doing the job must have refrigerant license to prove that they are qualified and can handle the installation, removal or the disposing of certain materials.  

    Although a split air conditioning system might be close in cost to a traditional HVAC system, it has proven to be a good alternative and a cost effective option, especially in homes that have no ductwork. Split systems can enhance the comfort of your home while keeping your monthly energy bills relatively low. 


    Is a split air conditioner worth the money? 

    Mini-split systems are an excellent investment for both domestic and commercial structures as well. They allow spot heating and cooling that works independently of a central system, which allows efficient and economical control for only those occupied areas in your home or business.

    What is the difference between AC and Split AC unit? 

    The capacity of an AC unit, or its cooling ability, is mostly based on its tonnage. However, split ACs are mounted high and designed to cool larger spaces. On the hand, window ACs are better for air circulation in smaller rooms. What is more, it is possible to get split ACs of a high tonnage, of above 2 tons.

    How many rooms can a mini split cool? 

    A mini-split system can add more evaporator units (up to 4 precisely) to one condenser unit. So it can technically cool up to four rooms. Mini-split systems are also more efficient than window units. Moreover, they last longer as well.