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    Updated: March 10, 2024

    Vokèra Boiler Fault Codes

    On this page, you will find all the error or fault codes related to your Vokera boiler. This can help you identify what issues you might be facing with your current Vokera boiler.

    35 years ago Vokera was established. The company has bases in both the UK and Ireland as well. Moreover, Vokera has a parent company which is called Riello Group. Riello was founded in 1922. They are known for their status as a leading global provider of many other heating appliances.

    It was announced in 2018 that Vokera was among the finalist at the H&V News Awards in the Domestic Heating product of the year category. Vokera states that they are a leading manufacturer of heating appliances. What is more, they offer a wide range of fantastic products that are designed to suit your home needs. With Vokera you get a 99% reliability rate within the first two years of installation on all products.

    Vokera has a range of combi and system boilers with different kW options to suit homes of different sizes.

    Vokera states that 100% of their boilers are tested before leaving the warehouse. so you might be one of the unlucky 1% who experience a breakdown in the first couple of years. However, in most cases your boiler might be a bit older and that is why it has encountered a fault.

    That being said, boilers of top quality do sometimes tend to have certain issues. On this page you will find the error codes or faults of Vomera boilers and what they indicate, in addition to possible ways to fix these issues.

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    Vokera Boiler Red Light on Error: Cause and Fix

    A flashing or constant red light means that your boiler has a fault and will possibly lockout. As a result, your home will be without hot water or heating.

    Several issues can be casing this. It is, of course, recommended that you should consult a Gas Safe engineer to fix this find the right cause and fix your problem. However, on this page we can help you know what might be causing this issue.

    Causes of Vokera Red Light:

    Vokera boilers with constant green light and no red light can indicate that there is nothing to worry about and your boiler will supply heating and hot water as it should. However, if you see a red light on its own or alongside the green light then there might be a possible fault with your boiler.

    Red Light On and Green Light Off Meaning

    A constant red light on your Vokèra boiler indicate that the unit has gone into lockout for safety reasons and to prevent further damage. Some of the potential faults behind this can include:

    • The pump is not circulating hot water around the central heating system or to the taps when needed.
    • Harmful flue gases are not being expelled because of an issue with the fan.
    • The boiler is overheating

    Red and Green Lights On Meaning

    If you can see both green and red lights on your Vokera boiler at the same time, whether they’re constant or flashing, your boiler might have one of the following issues:

    There is a fault in Heating temperature sensors

    Incorrect water pressure (either too low or too high)

    Flashing Green Light Meaning

    A constant green light on your Vokera boiler is a sign that the flame within the boiler is working, and that’s what you want to see. if the green light start flashing, that’s when you know there might be something wrong with your boiler.

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    How To Reset A Vokera Boiler?
    Vokèra Boiler Fault Codes 3

    How to Reset a Vokera Boiler?

    By simply resetting your boiler, you could fix the problem and stop your boiler from flashing red light.

    In order to reset your Vokera boiler, you should move the mode selector switch to the ‘OFF/RESET’ position and then move it back to either ‘hot water only’ or ‘heating and hot water’. If this reboot get your boiler operating again then you will know because there will be a constant green light. If not, you should hire a Gas Safe engineer to come out and take a look over your boiler.

    Vokera Boilers Error Codes

    Error Code The Problem
    _CLCall for service
    A01Ignition failure flame not sensed – internal fault
    A01Limit thermostat fault
    A03Fan fault
    A04Insufficient system water pressure
    A06Domestic how water (DHW) thermistor fault
    A07Primary flow thermistor fault – temperature of the water is too high
    A08Return thermistor fault – water temperature too high
    A09Flue thermistor or flue thermistor counter fault
    A11False flame
    A77Low-temperature thermostat fault
    ACOService operation
    N/AFlame on
    Error CodeThe Problem
    PPreheating function active
    P Blinking Preheating function running
    Hours Stand-by
    01Failure to ignite
    03Problem with fan/flue
    04Insufficient water pressure
    05Reset as described for code 01
    06Hot water thermistor open circuit
    07Primary thermistor open circuit

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    Vokera Mynute Boiler Error Codes

    Fault Code System Behaviour
    AL10, AL20, AL21, AL26, AL28, AL34Try resetting the boiler, if the fault reoccurs you need to contact a heating engineer
    AL40Check the system’s pressure and refill if necessary. Reset the boiler, if the fault reoccurs then you need to contact a heating engineer
    AL41Check system pressure – refill if necessary. If the fault reoccurs, contact a heating engineer
    AL52, AL55, AL60, AL71,AL73, AL74, AL79Contact a heating engineer
    AL74, AL79Reset the boiler. If the fault reoccurs, contact a heating engineer

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    New Boiler Cost

    Vokera Evolve Combi Boiler Error Codes | Vokera Evolve System Boiler Error Codes

    Error Code The Problem
    E10Flame lockout
    E011Extraneous flame
    E020Limit thermostat
    E030Fan fault
    E040Water transducer – check the system water pressure
    E041Water transducer – check the system water pressure
    E042Water transducer fault
    E060Domestic hot water probe fault
    4070Fault flow sensor over temperature – flow sensor flow/return line probe differential alarm
    E077Main zone water thermostat
    E080Error with return line probe – over-temperature outlet or differential alarm
    E090Flue gases over temperature probe
    E091Clean primary heat exchanger
    Water pressure low
    Water pressure high
    Boiler board communication lost
    BUS 485 communication lost
    E021, E022, E023, E024, E067. E088, E097Iono alarm
    E085, E094, E095Combustion fault/high CO
    E058Main voltage error
    E065Current modulation alarm
    E086Obstruction fumes alarm

    However, in some cases, getting a new boiler might be more cost-effective than getting your old boiler fixed. Some issues might be costly to fix. What is more, a new boiler will probably be more efficient and can help you save both money and energy. That is why getting a new boiler is a good investment in the long run.

    Get a quote from Let’s Heat. We have a large range of products and our staff of Gas Safe engineers provides an excellent service that is both professional and reliable. In addition, we can help you get the boiler that best fits your house and heat requirements.

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    What pressure should my Vokera boiler be at?

    The pressure gauge shows the current pressure of the system, the gauge should be set between 1 and 1.5 bar. When the appliance is operating the gauge may rise or fall slightly, this is quite normal. The minimum permissible level for the safe and efficient operation of the appliance is 0.5 bar.

    How do I reset a Vokera boiler?

    To reset your Vokera boiler, move the mode selector switch to the ‘OFF/RESET’ position and then move it back to either ‘hot water only’ or ‘heating and hot water’. Should this reboot get your boiler working again then you’ll know because there will be a constant green light.

    What does flashing green light mean on Vokera boiler?

    The green LED should be flashing, you may now select either HOT WATER ONLY or HEATING AND HOT WATER. By turning on a hot water outlet (tap) the boiler will fire to deliver hot water.