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How to avoid invalidating your boiler warranty
27 Jul, 2023

In some cases, manufacturers might not honour their warranty for one reason or another. But what are the reasons for this? And how can you avoid such a thing from happening to you. There are certain mistakes that people make which might lead to this. 

When you buy a new boiler, you will be offered a warranty by the manufacturer. This warranty can also be extended for an extra cost. Your warranty will usually cover the repair costs if your boiler breaks down during the given warranty period.  

What might be a big mistake is failing to commit to the warranty’s terms and conditions. By doing so you may eventually have to deal with an expensive repair cost.  

What is a boiler warranty? 

To put it simply, a boiler warranty is the promise that your boiler will be repaired for a certain period of time after the installation process. Warranties come in different lengths. Generally speaking, most manufacturers offer a 2-year warranty as standard. And as has been said, you can extend your warranty for an additional cost. 

Manufacturers have their own installation schemes. These can be considered as an accreditation for heating engineers who install a specific manufacturer’s boiler to a high standard. You may be offered an extended warranty for the fact that your boiler has been installed by an accredited gas engineer.  

Is there a difference between a warranty and a guarantee? 

A boiler guarantee is almost the same as a boiler warranty. Your new boiler will always have one as standard. It will vary in length and can be prolonged for an extra cost.  

A guarantee is different from a warranty in the fact that a manufacturer’s guarantee is a promise to fix your boiler for a certain period of time after installation, regardless of the cause.  

What to look for in a boiler warranty?  

While this is a hotly-debated topic, finding the right boiler warranty is as important as finding the right boiler. This is why it’s important to compare features before committing to a new boiler. Factors to consider should be: 

Finding the right boiler warranty might be equally important to finding the right boiler. There are some things which you might need to put into consideration:  

  • Whether parts and labour are included  
  • The length of the warranty  
  • Is it possible to extend the boiler warranty  
  • Which parts are covered by the warranty  

What can invalidate a boiler warranty? 

  • Your boiler wasn’t installed by a Gas Safe engineer. 

Your new boiler must be installed by a Gas Safe engineer as part of following safety and building regulations. To ensure a smooth and safe installation, a Gas Safe Registered heating engineer is highly recommended. They are certified to work both safely and legally on your boiler.  

Our heating engineer here at Smart Adapt is Gas Safe Registered and has the necessary experience to install a boiler to high standards.  

  • Failure to register the warranty in time 

Failing to register your warranty within 30 days of the installation date can lead to your warranty being invalidated. People often make that mistake because they believe a warranty is automatically registered which is not the case.  

  • Not following with your annual boiler service  

Boiler service is important to keeping your boiler warranty validated. Even if your boiler is brand new, boiler service is a must. With boiler service you will be able to avoid expensive repairs that might come up in the future due to neglect.  

Boiler servicing can save you money on your energy bills as it can ensure that your boiler is working efficiently.  

What does boiler service involve? 

  • Checking for leaks and corrosion 
  • Carrying a visual inspection  
  • Checking oil or gas pressure  
  • Make sure that boiler seals are in a good condition  
  • Ensure that the burning rate of the gas or oil is safe 
  • Combustion analysis  
  • Issuesing a service certificate Detailing what work has taken place 

Myths about boiler warranty  

There are plenty of myths and misconceptions about boilers and boiler warranties.  

One of these myths is that a boiler is covered under your home insurance and that it is not necessary for you to get boiler insurance. Without a doubt, this is far from being true. 

It might be true in some cases where your boiler can be part of the deal but it is unlikely. If you have home insurance, then it is better to check it out carefully and see what’s included and what isn’t.  

How to claim my boiler warranty? 

It is not likely that you would need some extra TLC during your warranty period. However, it is best to call the boiler manufacturer directly.  

What do I do when my boiler breaks down? 

There are a few things to do when your boiler breaks down. These can include checking the following: 

  • The electricity supply 
  • the  gas (or oil) supply 
  • The water supply 
  • The boiler pressure 
  • The thermostat and programmer 
  • The pilot light 
  • Checking for frozen pipes 
  • Checking for boiler fault codes 

What are some common boiler problems? 

The most common boiler problems can include: 

  • Pilot light keeps going out 
  • Boiler is making noises  
  • No heating or hot water 
  • Low boiler pressure 
  • Radiators are cold 
  • Boiler is kettling 
  • Boiler is leaking 

What can cause a boiler to fail or to break down? 

Nonexistent or poor or Maintenance. Ignoring the necessity for regularly scheduled maintenance can easily cause your boiler to break down. In fact, poor or nonexistent maintenance is one of the most common causes of boiler failure and breakdown. 

Does my boiler warranty cover my smart thermostat? 

Smart thermostats are becoming more popular day by day due to their ability to save you some money on your heating bills. 

Bosch smart thermostat will be covered as long as it has been installed and registered at the same time as the boiler.  

As for other brands of thermostat, they will have their own warranty.  

Why Smart Adapt ? 

  • We’re Punctual  

We always aim for simplicity and quality of work. Using the latest and the beat management system to schedule jobs and confirm appointments, send reminders and issue certificates and send bills. We offer next-day installations and emergency services as well. We’re very quick to respond to your call and will be at your doorstep in no time. 

  • We Care 

Establishing a good relationship with our customers is our priority. We always take the time to understand what your heating requirements are. We do our best so as not to create any sort of disruption to your home or make so much noise.  

  • Experienced Staff  

Our experience in the heating business has paved the way for us to expand further and provide our services nationwide. We’re very committed to our work. Our engineers are helpful and informative. They are highly skilled and have a wide knowledge of their trade. Our services include: boiler installation, maintenance, repair and boiler service plan. We work with all types of boilers: heat only boilers, system boilers and combi boilers. We install heat pumps and central heating systems. And we also provide plumbing services and much more. 

Any more questions?

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What is the typical warranty for a boiler? 

All boiler brands usually offer a standard warranty ranging between 1 to 5 years, but nowadays, it is more common for manufacturers to offer a free extended warranty that can range from 2 to 10 years. 

What is the biggest cause for boiler breakdown? 

Running out of heating oil is one of the top reasons for a boiler breakdown. Checking your oil should always be the first thing to put in mind before assuming there is another fault. This problem can be a simple fix. All you need to do is order your oil, get an emergency delivery to your home and top-up your tank.