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    Updated: March 10, 2023

    What are the top UK heat only boilers?

    The top UK heat only boilers are Worcester-Bosch and Vaillant. To know more about these boilers, please check this page out.Top UK Heat Only Boilers 1

    Top UK Heat-Only Boilers

    Heating Boiler Installation
    Top UK Heat Only Boilers, Brands & Pricing 

    Please find out about the Top UK Heat Only Boilers, Boiler Brands and Pricing here:

    Heat-Only or common boilers cost approx. £500 to £2000 because this price is dependent on the brand and the size of the model used etc.

    These boilers are a traditional domestic boiler type, that was often found in all homes in the UK that were built before 1970.

    Where are heat only boilers usually located?

    These boilers directly provide heating and hot water from a storage cylinder, usually situated in the airing cupboard.

    The boiler is fed by a cold water cistern from above (usually the attic), via gravity because that’s where they work best.

    The expansion cistern is separate from the boiler.  This means that this boiler system requires more space.

    Price Range:

    The top UK heat-only boilers vary greatly in price depending on the brand in question, with models usually starting at £500, and reaching up to £2000 for some of the more established makes and models.

    Boiler Brands & Prices…


    • WB- GREENSTAR UTILITY 50 – 70 (OIL) – Typical Price of £1,700 – £1,900
    • GREENSTAR FS 42CDI REGULAR – Typical Price of £1,500-£1700
    • GREENSTAR 30CDI REGULAR – Typical Price of £1,200-£1,300


    VAILLANT ECOTEC PLUS 428 – Typical Price of £800 – £900

    ECOTEC PLUS 415 – Typical Price of £600-£800

    Heat Only Boilers Prices and Sizes

    The cost of your boiler would depend on the size of your house and the fuel type required etc.

    Heat-only boilers are ideal for larger homes as they have a high flow rate, are able to meet high hot water demands, and multiple taps or showers can be used at any one time.

    They will however require more space than other boilers such as the combi, and the use of hot water is limited by the size of your cylinder so once it’s gone, you must wait for it to reheat.

    Brands and prices for different sized properties:

    Heat only boilers for smaller properties

    If you live in a small property and space is of primary concern, there are more compact, wall mounted options for heat only boilers.


    Output – 12;15;18;24;32KW

    Price: £500-£600

    Brand: BAXI SOLO 12 HE

    Output – 12;15;18;24;30;35KW

    Price: £600-£700

    Heat only boilers for medium to large Properties

    Medium and large sized properties need a heat only boiler, with a high output; ensuring that you are able to heat your entire home.


    Output – 38KW

    Price: £1,200-£1400


    Output – 30;42KW

    Price: £1,500-£1700

    Heat-Only Installation – Things to consider:

    The costs associated with installing a new heat only boiler depend on whether you have a similar system in place currently.

    A heat-only boiler requires the use of two water cylinders, one in the attic and another, usually in the airing cupboard.

    It usually less expensive to upgrade from a similar system where the external pumps are already in place, than to convert your current plumbing to accommodate a new heat only boiler.

    When installing a new boiler, it’s important to place safety ahead of cost-cutting.

    Always ensure your boiler engineers are on the gas safe register because this will ensure that your installation will comply with legal and safety guidelines.

    Also always checkout the quality and standards of the work that they carry out because this will ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of workmanship etc.

    The Let’s Heat boiler installation & repair team are all fully qualified to the highest standards and take pride in producing exemplary work standards. This includes completing all boiler installation requirements no matter what time or day this is required!

    Our team of high quality professional engineers have an extremely high 4.9 out of 5, Trustpilot score given by our previous happy customers and we are fully accredited by Gas Safe and Corgi registered, as well as FCA approved for all of our financial transactions.

    We don’t just fit heat only boilers!

    In addition to heat-only boiler installation we also fit other boiler types like:

    1. The Common, Heat-Only Boiler
    2. A System Boiler
    3. Combi Boiler
    4. New Heat Pump!

    We can use our vast experience to guide you through the correct boiler and boiler installation for your requirements.

    Please feel free to see our boiler installation guide for more details or feel free to proceed with an online quote.

    All of our Installations follow latest UK energy regulations…

    Over the last few years, the UK has passed several government guidelines for boiler replacement and energy efficiency, which now need to be adhered to for all boiler replacements, so please remember:

    • If you have a gas boiler, it must have at least a 92% ErP efficiency regardless of boiler type.
    • A Combi boiler installation requires one energy-saving feature
    • You must have functioning time and temperature controls

    Can I finance my heat only boiler?

    Buying a new boiler and having a boiler installation or a heat pump, is an investment. However it can be expensive, especially paying for it all in one hit.

    If you haven’t got the money on hand for the boiler and installation services that you require, you can get the job done on a finance package that is FCA-approved.

    We can also offer a number of split payment options for you to consider.

    Boiler Replacement Payment Options

    For new boiler installation, you can pay by card, pay zero deposit, and pay monthly over 2 to 10-years or take our a finance package.

    So why Let’s Heat for your combi boiler replacement?

    A. Let’s Heat Are Quality & Accredited Boiler Installers

    Let’s Heat professional engineers and emergency plumbers provide a professional and reliable emergency plumbing and heating service.

    Our Coverage

    This service includes Boiler Installation and Heat Pump Installation, in Cardiff and the surrounding CF postcode areas of South Wales.

    We also cover the rest of Wales and all of England (see below).

    The installation & repair team are all fully qualified to the highest standards and take pride in producing exemplary work standards which include completing all boiler installation requirements no matter what time or day this is required!

    Qualifications & Accreditations:

    Our team of high-quality professional engineers has an extremely high 4.9 out of 5, Trustpilot score given by our previous happy customers and we are fully accredited by Gas Safe and Corgi registered, as well as FCA approved for all of our financial transactions.


    All of our staff at Let’s Heat are experts in their field and have gathered many years of experience, working on a wide selection and variety of emergency plumbing and heating solutions and services throughout Cardiff, the rest of Wales & the UK.

    B. Because we care…

    Are you still a little confused about where to start or who to use?

    Our easy-to-use online questionnaire will guide you through everything that you, and we, need to know in order to ensure that you have the correct solution for your needs.

    We will also ensure that you are completely satisfied with the solution offered prior to completing any works.

    Why else?

    • Cover Cardiff and surrounding areas of South Wales
    • Reliable, professional, and trustworthy
    • High Trustpilot score of 4.9 out of 5.
    • Gas Safe Accredited (corgi registered),
    • Our prices are very competitive
    • Our Finance is FCA accredited
    • We ensure that your house is kept clean and tidy during any work
    • All workmen use floor protection on each job
    • We always make sure your rubbish is correctly disposed of
    • The Service comes with a 12-month snag guarantee
    • We travel anywhere throughout the UK

    You can research your boiler replacement requirements and choose your new boiler and the boiler installation online, without leaving the house…

    If you need a new combi boiler or heat pump and installation, please do not hesitate to reach out to our award-winning heating engineers team because they have more information.

    When you’re ready for a new boiler or heat pump then you can get everything, including the full boiler replacement from us here at Let’s Heat.

    Can I get Next Day Service?

    We replace & install boilers and heat pumps nationwide and include next-day installation (on orders placed before 12/2 pm in Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter.

    All staff are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of heating installation services and repair and maintenance.

    Alternatively please take a look at our FAQS or blog, should you have any other questions because there are lots of questions answered in those places.

    Any more questions?

    If you have any further questions about Combi boilers, other Boilers, or anything else, please see our FAQ Page.

    Check out our Gas Safe Registration or want to see our near 5 star Trustpilot rating please click the relevant link!


    Are heat only boilers efficient?

    A heat only boiler might not be the most efficient heating solution if you don’t require a lot of hot water. A heat only boiler may heat more water than you need. That’s why a combi boliler might be more efficient.

    Can I replace my heat only boiler with a system boiler?

    Yes, you can. It will invovle moving your system from an ‘open-vent’ one to a sealed one.

    What is the difference between a heat only boiler and a system boiler?

    Heat only boilers (also called conventional or regular) work with a cylinder in the airing cupboard. System boilers can be found in modern homes with an unvented hot water cylinder.

    What is a heat only boiler used for?

    Heat only boilers can efficiently heat a home. This type of boiler uses a storage cistern along with dual feeds, one for cold water and the other one for hot water. The stored water is then heated up and stored again until it is needed. The hot water feed is also pumped throughout your home to keep it warm.

    How long do heat only boilers last?

    between 10 to 15 years