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    Updated: March 18, 2024

    Office Air Conditioning 

    An air conditioning system in your office is essential to keeping your employees focused and productive. AC units can be useful not only n summer but in winter as well due to their ability to both cool or heat your office. 

    A HVAC system will offer a comfortable working environment, as well as boosting the productivity of your staff. It can also prevent your equipment from overheating; a problem which might hinder the progress of work. On this page you will find more reasons to have an AC unit installed in your office.  

    What are the benefits of an office air conditioning system? 

    Increases employee productivity 

    Without a doubt, the productivity of your staff will decrease as a result of having a working environment which is not comfortable, especially in the hot months of summer. Uncomfortable temperatures around the work place can discourage your employees form performing very well which will lead to less productivity.   

    Having a HVAC unit installed in your workspace will enable you to adjust temperatures as you like and according to the changes of the outside temperatures and what conditions your employees prefer or feel comfortable working with. This can lead to more efficiency and focus on the part of your staff. An increase in

    productivity will be expected as a result. 

    Better air quality 

    An air conditioner can both help your employees focus and prevent any kind of irritation or distraction around the office. Continuously filtered air has the ability to prevent hay fever and other allergies from circulating in the hot summer months, which can disrupt employees from their regular work duties. What is more, benefits from fresh filtered air can be seen at those times of years when colds and viruses are circulating in the air. That is why it is important to maintain a cooler temperature in your office to ensure that germs are prevented from thriving and illness is not able to spread as easily around your place of business. 

    Keep your office equipment cooled 

    Another factor which is not to be neglected is the equipment and technology that enable your staff to do their job effectively. Things like computers, electronic devices and servers are important to the productivity of your staff as they can keep the workforce online to complete their various tasks.  

    All of these equipments, when working all day long, can generate a huge amount of heat which might be discomforting to your employees and customers. This can result in your machines overheating and probably shutting down. However, with an air conditioning system you can prevent your equipment from overheating and hindering your workforce.   

    Energy efficiency 

    Most of modern HVAC units are designed and built with energy efficiency in mind. They can offer a cost-effective alternative to cooling your office by fan or by using traditional heating methods. Instead of having multiple noisy fans working throughout your workplace in the summer months to keep employees cool, you only one or two air conditioning units to cool your office quietly. 

    Air conditioners offer more effective cooling, and use less energy while doing so. AC units are not only useful in summer but in winter as well, where the cost of heating can be relatively high. HVAC systems are able to do this job effectively with a fraction of the energy costs, making your initial installation investment worthwhile. 

    A positive impact on your staff can be achieved with the installation of an air conditioning system in your office. To put it simply, this is an investment that you will not regret.  

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    Office Air Conditioning 
    Office Air Conditioning  4

    Which type of AC is the best for commercial use? 

    A centralized air conditioning unit does not take a lot of space in a room since all its components are located outside. It would only send cool air through vents which are placed in each room. This type of air conditioning is more efficient especially when it is used in bigger buildings like large hotels and commercial buildings. 

    What are the requirements to consider when getting a commercial air conditioning system? 

    Commercial air conditioning systems require special consideration for installation, repairs, and maintenance, because they have substantial differences from residential air conditioners. The major difference between cooling a commercial area and cooling a residential space how much power is needed by the air conditioner. 

    What size do I need in my office? 

    If you are thinking about getting an AC unit for your office, you will see a lot of benefits from an air conditioning system all year round. However, you may find it difficult as to which size is most suitable for your office.  

    Both the size and the layout of your office space should be considered in order to decide which air conditioning system is the most suitable for your place of business. The required cooling capacity is also important to keep in mind during these calculations.  

    What is more, various types of air conditioning systems are available, which work in different ways, so you will want to think about which one is most suitable for the number of employees in your office and determine the benefits each type would offer. Let’s look at some of these factors in details:  

    Cooling capacity of your unit 

    You might want to check out the cooling capacity of each option when you are trying to choose the right air conditioning unit for your office. This is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). You can calculate the BTU rating needed for your air conditioning unit to cool the space by depending on the dimensions of the room and the amount of heat generated by people and computers or other technology. Generally speaking, office spaces of around 36 square metres usually require a unit with approximately 15000 BTUs of cooling capacity. 

    Office size and layout 

    The size of your office is a major factor in determining the size of the air conditioning unit that you need. This can have a significant impact on which size system is most suited to keeping a constant temperature. For example, you might require a bigger system to circulate the air and cool your room more effectively if your office is open plan and has wide dimensions. Or you might want to have multiple smaller wall mounted units at different ends of the space to maintain the same temperature throughout the space. What is more, you should also consider other areas of your office such as the corridors or reception areas and see if these areas are to be catered for. It is important to choose the right size air conditioner if you want to ensure the best result. 

    The type of unit you choose 

    Prior to buying an air conditioner for your office space, it is recommended that you look at the different types of air conditioning systems available and assess their suitability for the layout of your building and office. The types of air conditioning unit include split systems, which operates by taking in air through an outdoor system which cools the air and pumps it into the house through an indoor unit. 

    Multi split systems work in the same way. However, the cool air will be distributed to multiple different indoor units, which is better suited to larger offices. There is also the option of a portable air conditioner, which won’t cool larger spaces as effectively, but it can be moved from room to room depending on the needs of your staff.  

    We know how complex and difficult the task of selecting an appropriate air conditioning system in your office can be. That is why our team of expert engineers can help you choose the right system that would best suit your needs. We offer installation, maintenance and repair services across the UK. Get in touch with us for more information or if you have any inquiries. 

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    About us  

    We provide a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced engineers who have the necessary skills to perform an outstanding job. We offer installation services, regular servicing and repairs.  

    A site survey can be made by our staff to suggest the most suitable solution for your business requirements and budget. We know how tiresome and confusing it is to go through all the details and information about air conditioning so that is why we are here to help. 

    We offer a wide range of products to provide you with a tailored quote and service. We offer products from leading manufacturers, each of which would offer you different and unique features to suit what you specifically require. 

    Our team of engineers are reliable and trustworthy. You can always count on us to provide you with an excellent service that will not let you down. Our team of experts work to the highest standards to ensure efficiency. We take the time to understand what our clients exactly require to help them on individual basis. 

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    How does air conditioning operate in an office? 

    The air conditioner will suck warm air into the ducts through vents found within your office space. This air is then transformed from a gas to a liquid and back to a gas in little time while the residual heat is removed. Ducts will then blow this cooler air back through your office. 

    Is air conditioner important in offices? 

    An air conditioning system can help to maintain a perfect humidity level within an office. The quality of the air in an office can be improved as air conditioning systems are able to filter out dust and allergens and other particulates as well as reducing odours. 

    Which AC consumes more electricity window or split? 

    Although the power consumption of an AC unit depends on different factors, it can be said that a window AC unit will typically consume more energy and cost more to operate than a similar-sized ductless mini-split AC unit.