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    Updated: February 10, 2024

    looking for a gas engineer? our team are qualified to help you with all of plumbing, heating, central heating, Commercial heating and gas services.


    What we offer… 

    Heating Engineers, We design, install and maintain commercial plumbing and heating systems on a variety of projects and sizes across the UK. All of our Heating engineers are fully qualified, experienced and registered. Whether you require a boiler installation, central heating maintenance services or assistance with your homes gas, we are the engineers for you. Contact Us  

    Boiler Installation & Replacement 

    Getting a new boiler replacement can be a complicated process, one which no customer ever wants to go through. That’s why, we are here. Our Heating engineers are veterans in the installation and replacement of any boiler systems whether it be Gas Systems, Combi Boilers or Conventional Boilers. Just let us know what it is you require, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

    Central Heating 

    A fully functional heating system is essential in keeping you and your loved ones warm and toasty through those dreaded cold winter nights. We are sure we can assist if your boiler needs to be repaired, installed, power flushed or replaced. To get the best out of your system, we recommend that you services it annually and act in a swift manner when it stops working. 

    Showers & Pressure Adjustments 

    There is nothing more refreshing and rejuvenating than a good shower, but what would you do when your showers pressure becomes low and the waterflow slows. There are number of reasons why this could happen, the most common one – a clogged showerhead or issues with the pipe. We recommend cleaning the showerhead instantly but if this doesn’t work then give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help in diagnosing where the problem lies.  Contact Us  

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    If you’ve got a dripping faucet or need assistance with your toilet and basin, we will cover it all. Our 24/7 call out service ensures you are protected at even the most uncertain of times. We’re always on hand to help you with any emergencies at any time. Contact Us  

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    Hot Water Problems 

    Hot water is something we tend to take for granted and expect to be available when we need it. A leak in either your heating or hot water system can cause a fall in pressure and result in a lack of hot water. At Let’s Heat, our engineers are able to diagnose any potential issue you are having and resolve it without putting you in harms way. 

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    Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Replacement

    Bathroom Refurbishment 

    A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home, it can act as a key feature within a home and always needs to be maintained accordingly. If you’re looking to enhance the overall feel of your bathroom then give us a call. We’ll manage the entire process for you and get in touch with any contractor you need to get the job done  

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    Toilet Repairs & Installs 

    Toilets are the fundamental part of a house that we all take for granted but what do we do when they don’t work as they should. They have many components that have to work together to function properly i.e. fill valve, the flapper, the handle, the weep holes etc. If you ever have an issue with your toilet we won’t just come and carry out a quick fix, we’ll analyse each component and ensure they are working as it should. We cover everything from the repair and installation of toilets. Contact Us  


    To begin with, we design, install and maintain commercial gas and heating systems on a variety of projects and sizes across the UK. What’s more, all of our engineers are fully qualified, experienced and registered. Lastly, whether you need a boiler installation, central heating maintenance services or assistance with your homes gas, we are the engineers to help. 

    Contact Us  

    Commercial Heating 

    First and foremost, our heating engineers are experts and have the knowledge and skills needed to complete any job and carry out full Gas Safety checks to ensure your heating equipment is working as it should. From the installation, servicing and maintenance of any central heating system to the installation and maintenance of vented and unvented cylinders, no job is ever too big or small for us. \

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    Plumbers &Amp; Heating Engineers In Uk
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    Commercial Plumbing 

    Firstly, our plumbing services gives customers the opportunity to deal with more than a simple pipe installation. Moreover, we offer you more advanced services that cater to the most complicated of issues such as installation of bathrooms, kitchen fixtures, sprinkler systems and many more. 

    Commercial Gas  

    Above all, we always provide on-going solutions for many large or small businesses. Furthermore, we carry out initial assessments to determine the best approach for each job, from the upgrade of commercial gas pipeworks, test purge and decommissioning, emergency gas repairs to catering services. If you’re looking for experience gas safe engineers who will get the job done, get in touch. Contact Us  


    Is it worth repairing an old boiler?

    If your boiler is over 10 years old, we’d recommend a replacement boiler instead of a repair. However, if it’s the familiar tapping sound and your boiler is less than 10 years old, it may be a blockage. Consult a local engineer to take a look at it.

    How long does it take a gas engineer to service a boiler?

    It should take around 60 minutes for a gas boiler to be serviced and checked adequately by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

    What is the difference between a vented and unvented hot water cylinder?

    The major difference between a vented and unvented water storage cylinder is that an unvented hot water cylinder takes its water supply directly from the mains. You can get hot water out of an unvented cylinder at a much better pressure than a traditional vented cylinder as it is pressurised. While a vented system would take its water supply from a cold water tank, which is located in your loft.