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    Updated: February 24, 2024

    When you are looking for an ideal heating system for your home, then a boiler might be your best option. 

    While heat pumps are great when considering a renewable heating system, their price tag might be too high if you’re not ready to commit to them. What comes next are boilers. They can be both efficient and provide both your home and heating system with hot water. 

    In this blog we’ll try to help you decide which boiler type and brand are best suited for your home. 

    How does a boiler work? 

    Generally speaking, there are three main boiler types. These include:

    Combi boilers 

    System boilers 

    Regular boilers 

    Although they work differently, they share a similar process to provide your home and central heating with hot water. 

    How do combi boilers work? 

    Firstly, your combi boiler will take water directly from the mains. After that, a heat exchanger will heat the water while it passes through the boiler. The water is then moved to either your water outlets or your radiators. The part that is responsible for diverting the water is called a ‘diverter’ which receives signals when you turn on a tap or from your thermostat. And when it comes to that water which is sent to the radiators, it will travel through them and then be sent back to your boiler to be reheated. 

    Without a doubt, each boiler type will differ in this process. While a combi boiler is fed directly from the mains, a regular boiler requires a large tank for cold water located in the loft.

    No matter the type of boiler you decide to go with, all modern boilers are more energy efficient than they used to be in past years. 

    Research on innovative technology has always been in place to improve boilers. Combi boilers are legally required to make use of condensing technology. 

    With condensing technology your boiler can recycle any waste heat produced by your boiler that would usually escape from the flue pipe and send it back. 

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    What are the different types of boiler fuel? 

    Almost all boiler types have different models to allow you to use alternative fuel options. For instance, you can use an electric boiler if you want to avoid using natural gas. Electric boilers don’t produce any emissions and therefore can help you reduce your carbon footprint. However, to be completely green you would need a green electricity supplier. In most cases, your main energy supplier is using fossil fuels. 

    Gas boilers 

    Using natural gas is the most popular option in the UK. What makes gas popular is the fact that most homes are already connected to the national grid. Logistically speaking, natural gas is the simplest option. What is more, gas is the cheapest option for heating your home. 

    If you’re looking for a way to heat your home using alternative energy, then you should get a gas boiler that is 20% hydrogen ready. This will allow you to use the gas and hydrogen blend in the future once the technology is ready to be used. Once this is available your system will not require additional changes because you are already connected to the national grid. 

    Oil boilers

    For homes which are not connected to the national grid due to being in a rural area, using oil is the best choice since they have no access to gas. 

    Oil will need to be stored in a separate tank on your property and you will need to refuel your boiler manually. 

    Electric boilers 

    Because electric boilers do not have any harmful emissions, they are considered to be the best fuel source for a heating system. However, they do run on electricity which is made by using fossil fuels. 

    To be completely green, electric boilers will need to run on electricity produced by alternative energy such as solar panels. 

    If you’re struggling with which type of boiler to choose from, then contact us and we are more than happy to help. 

    Find The Best Boiler For Your Home 
    Find The Best Boiler For Your Home  4

    How many boiler types are there? 

    There are three main types of boilers which are popular across the UK. Combi boiler 

    Combi or combination boiler is the most popular boiler type in the UK. What makes it desirable to homeowners is that it does not require a hot water tank. It can heat and provide hot water for both your home and central heating. A combi boiler is easy to install and does not take up much space because it is compact in design. What is more, it is cheap and quick to install. 

    On the other hand, combi boilers aren’t powerful enough for big homes with high demand for hot water. They are more suitable for small to medium size homes with no more than 2 bathrooms. 

    System boiler

    For medium or large homes, a system boiler will be the perfect choice. A system boiler can meet up with a high hot water demand. It can support multiple bathrooms without any problems. 

    System boilers are a perfect replacement for regular boilers. They can supply hot water for taps and central heating for medium and large homes. Moreover, they take up less space than regular boilers and involve simpler pipework. System boilers eliminate the need for a separate cold water tank because they are directly fed by the mains. However, they do require a hot water cylinder for storing hot water in order to meet up with high hot water demand. 

    Regular boiler 

    Regular boilers, also known as traditional, heat only or conventional boilers, are the oldest boiler type. They are usually found in old homes. They are called ‘heat only boilers’ is because that is the only thing they can do., 

    The boiler unit is only able to provide heat for radiators. That is why you will need an additional hot water tank to supply your home with domestic hot water. 

    Regular boilers require a lot of space because they have 3 separate parts. You will need a cold water tank, a hot water tank and the boiler unit itself. That is why it’s not very suitable for homes without much space. 

    Regular boilers are great for large homes with high demand for hot water given that you are replacing your older regular boiler with one. It is not recommended to switch to a regular boiler if you have another system installed. Regular boilers need a lot of extra pipework and can cost you extra. 

    What are the top boiler brands in the UK?

    When looking for a good boiler it is important to compare different brands and pick the one that suits your home best. The 5 boiler manufacturers in the UK are : Worcester Bosch, baxi, Ideal, Viessman and Vaillant. 

    These manufacturers have been in business for a long time. They have the required expertise for boiler production and they know how to make a boiler that can last. 

    These brands offer a wide range of boiler models and types so that you can find a boiler suitable for your home. Here at Smart Adapt we can also help you choose the right boiler for you. We have excellent heating engineers who will be glad to help. 

    Find The Best Boiler For Your Home 
    Find The Best Boiler For Your Home  5

    How much does a boiler cost in the UK? 

    The price of a boiler depends on different factors such as the type or size of the boiler. Aside from the boiler price, you should keep in mind the installation cost as well. The installation cost can be between £500-£1000


    How long do boilers last? 

    Modern boilers have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. Some manufacturers offer lengthy warranties of up to 12 years.

    Which boiler is the best to get? 

    Boilers come in different types and models. The most popular being combi gas boilers which are compact in size and have high level of efficiency. As for larger homes then system boilers might be your ideal choice. 

    Which boiler is the most reliable?

    Boiler technology is always being developed and boilers are made more efficient. You can get an idea of your new boiler reliability by checking the warranty length offered by the manufacturer. Some boilers come with a 12 years warranty. This can show the level of trust each manufacturer has in their boiler. 

    What are the main types of boilers? 

    There are three main types of boiler. These are combi, system and regular boilers.