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    Updated: March 25, 2023

    We offer Emergency Heating Engineers Services In Pontypridd

    A heating engineer is a person whose job is to install and maintain equipment used for heating buildings. Reach out to Let’s Heat if you need emergency heating engineers in Pontypridd. We provide a variety of heating services. These include: boiler installation, boiler repair, boiler servicing, heat-pump installation and many more.

    Heating Engineers work on the heating of buildings. They maintain and install the pipe work, fixtures and fittings which are used to heat a structure. They can work in residential, commercial or industrial properties to implement solutions for heating requirements. If you have a problem with your Heating System or you want to book a boiler service or boiler repair, you should call a Heating Engineer because they specialise in this line of work.

    An efficient-working heating system is a priority for many homes, especially during the cold months of winter. We know how annoying it is to be staying in a cold and unheated home. It can even be dangerous for some people to stay in a cold place for too long. It is essential for anybody to be able to find a professional heating service without delay or hardship. A heating engineer is able to help in time of need. They possess the necessary skills that are involved in heating a home and keeping it warm. Heating engineers are capable of performing countless other services besides installing boilers. On this page, we have prepared a guide explaining the many roles and services a heating engineer is capable of.

    What are the qualifications and skills of emergency heating engineers?

    Heating engineers are also called gas engineers. They are required to obtain an industry qualification in order to become a heating engineer. legally speaking, they are required to be Gas Safe Registered. To attain this, they must pass the Gas Assessment Training exam. All of Let’s Heat engineers are Gas Safe Registered and have many years of experience. It takes a lot of training and work to become a registered heating engineer, so you can rest assured that our workers are fully qualified and experienced.

    Emergency boiler repair and installation in Pontypridd.

    One of the most common reasons to get a heating engineer is for boiler installation or boiler repair. A heating engineer’s service during winter is vital to keep your home warm and cosy.

    A boiler can be powered by electricity, gas or oil. It can rapidly heat water for either central heating or hot water from the taps. The installation process of a boiler can be complicated and should be carried out by a professional heating engineer. Before the installation takes place, one of our heating engineers would pay a visit to your home in order to do a survey and assess several things. These include: the location of your current boiler, the number of radiators and bathrooms, the position of the flue and the water pressure.

    A boiler installation would usually take one to two days, depending on various factors such the size or the location of your boiler. It is not necessary for you to be on the property while the installation is taking place. The heating engineer will do the following during the installation process:

    • Connect the boiler to your electrical heating controls.
    • Place sealants to ensure that there is no leakage.
    • Possibly carry out a power flush in order to get rid of any dirt or debris that could cause damage.

    It must be said that changing the type of boiler you want (for example, combi to system) might be more expensive and the installation process will cost more due to the complexity of work involved.

    What is more, our hearing engineers are capable of carrying out a range of boiler repairs such as lack of hot water, low water pressure, funny sound coming from your boiler and problems with the pilot light.

    Emergency boiler repair in Pontypridd.

    Here at Let’s Heat we also offer emergency boiler repairs 24/7 all year long. So if you have a heating emergency, you can rely on Let’s Heat to be there to help.

    Boiler servicing in Pontypridd.

    To keep your boiler running safely, smoothly and efficiently, you need regular boiler servicing. Maintaining your boiler on a regular basis can help prolong the lifespan of your heating system. It is recommended that you service your boiler at least once a year. When a heating engineer service your boiler, he will be checking if the gas pressure and flow are correct, the seals are intact, the electrical connections are in good condition and if the safety devices are working effectively.

    It is required by law that your boiler is checked and serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Annual servicing also helps keep your warranty valid. This is one of the requirements and conditions of a valid warranty. Regular maintenance can keep your boiler working efficiently and as a result save you some money on heating bills.

    Central heating services in Pontypridd.

    A central heating system can be powered by a combi boiler, regular boiler or mains pressure heating system. Each one comes with its own specific service requirements. As has been noted above, it’s good practice to have your boiler serviced annually in order to keep it running smoothly. Heating engineers are also capable of installing thermostat controls, fitting radiators, underfloor heating and many more. Some of these jobs might overlap with plumbing services, but it’s usually more helpful to hire a professional who specialises in central heating services.

    Ground source heat pumps in Pontypridd.

    Ground source heat pumps have gained popularity in recent years among homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprint and be more environmentally friendly.

    GSHPs are run on pipes which are buried outdoors or in the garden to be specific. They extract heat from the ground by circulating water and antifreeze around the pipe. What happens next is that the ground heat is absorbed by the liquid and then passes through a heat exchanger into the pump. They can be used for heating water, radiators or underfloor heating. They do not require a lot of maintenance after installation. Our heating engineers can determine whether your house is suitable for a ground source heat pump. We install, repair and service ground source heat pumps.

    Water heater services in Pontypridd.

    A water heater is similar to a boiler in the fact that they both heat water, but there are some differences. A water heater stores the water at a constant temperature of around 125 degrees until it is ready to be used. When hot water is needed, it will be taken from the tank through the pipes before more cold water flows in to be heated.

    Let’s Heat heating engineers can help you with water heater installation, repair and replacement. We can also advise you on which type to install according to your hot water requirements.

    Underfloor heating in Pontypridd.

    Underfloor heating has become more popular in recent years. It is not as expensive as you might think. There are two types of underfloor heating systems:

    • A wet system that heats up via water in pipes under the floor.
    • A dry system that is made up of electrical coils.

    Installing an underfloor heating can be a good investment in the long run as it can save households money. They distribute heat more evenly and use less water than radiators. As a result, this can make your boiler more efficient.

    The installation is quite complex and can be costly. That’s why it is important to hire a well-experienced and qualified heating engineer to carry out the work.

    Water-based systems are made of a network of pipes which connect up to the boiler. Putting a ‘wet’ system in place involves laying the pipes, connecting them up and even possibly raising the floor if there isn’t enough room.

    Give us a call if you need a professional and qualified heating engineer to help you with your heating system. You will be in safe hands. Let’s Heat have been in business for a long time and have what it takes to keep your house warm and comfortable.

    We are available 24/7, all year long. We carry out various jobs such as central heating repairs, install thermostats, central heating pumps, boiler installation and much more. Check out our website to know more about us and about the many services that we provide.

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    Can a heating engineer fix a boiler?

    A boiler repair involves working with gas, so only a Gas Safe registered engineer is able to legally work on a gas boiler. The most significant difference between a plumber and a heating engineer – traditional plumbers don’t need to have any Gas Safe qualifications.

    Is it worth repairing an old boiler?

    If your boiler is over 10 years old, we’d recommend a replacement boiler instead of a repair. However, if it’s the familiar tapping sound and your boiler is less than 10 years old, it may be a blockage. Consult a local engineer to take a look at it.

    How often should a heating system be serviced?

    A heating system should be checked and serviced once a year to ensure that it is working efficiently and without any troubles.

    How long does it take a gas engineer to service a boiler?

    It should take around 60 minutes for a gas boiler to be serviced and checked adequately by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

    What happens if you don’t service your gas boiler?

    Waiting too long between a boiler service could lead to carbon monoxide leaks and an increased repair cost. Ideally, you will want to get an annual boiler service, so every 12 months, when possible.