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    Updated: March 11, 2023

    Expert commercial gas engineer:

    Let’s Heat are a highly professional company providing Commercial Gas Engineer in Cardiff who are able to service, repair, install and maintain just about any kind of heating and boiler system for the Cardiff area, for both commercial premises and domestic properties. A Commercial Gas Engineer is someone who is professional in repairing and installing gas appliances and pipelines in your home. With Let’s Heat you can easily hire a Commercial Gas Engineer in Cardiff and across south wales.

    Let’s Heat is proud to say that we have a team of gas engineers who are dedicated and committed to their work.

    We know how tiring it is to go shopping for a new boiler. The process can be complicated and expensive. However, with Let’s Heat, you can just check know everything there is to know online.

    What duties does a gas engineer do?

    To begin with, a gas engineer cardiffperforms different duties concerning repair, maintenance, and installing gas appliances. These include heating systems, heating boilers and piping in buildings. Lastly, the team of gas engineers at Let’s Heat work both commercially and industrially as well.

    Why commercial gas engineers are more advisable than a local fitter?

    Firstly, the main reason is that a gas engineer is more experienced and certified in comparison to a local fitter. What’s more, a local fitter might not use all the technical new ways to deal with your gas and larger heating/cooling systems. However, a commercial gas engineer near me does. It may be risky if you go with a local fitter for installation or repair service. So this is why you should choose the guaranteed quality of work.

    Are the engineers at Let’s Heat Gas Safe Registered?

    Yes, our engineers are Gas Safe Registered. Without a doubt, a Gas Safe Registered engineer is legally able to work with gas appliances because he is qualified to do all kinds of gas work. Moreover, our engineers have Gas Safe ID cards, which enable them to work on gas services.

    Bespoke Gas Services at Let’s Heat:

    Regardless of whether you’re starting a business or need a reliable, fully qualified and experienced company to do your gas and heating systems, Let’s Heat can easily do that for you. Furthermore, our very trusted gas engineers provide a full range of gas services for both growing businesses and organizations. 

    Commercial Gas Engineer in Cardiff:

    Emergency Callouts:

    To begin with, our gas engineers are always ready 24/7 for emergency call-outs. What’s more, We have promised to help our customers in their hour of need. Furthermore, we know that an unexpected event may take place at any given moment. Nonetheless, don’t panic and fully trust us. Call us and our gas engineer will get to your home in time for a proper service.

    Commercial Gas Engineer In Cardiff
    Commercial Gas Engineer in Cardiff

    Our installation and servicing Commercial Gas Engineers Mission to Customer’s Satisfaction…

    Our client-centred company standards ensure that every single representative at Let’s Heat focuses on delivering the best help every time. Not to mention, our team performs services to the most noteworthy of principles. All our Gas Engineers are friendly, social, customer responding and have extraordinary relational abilities. Moreover, we have the capacity to help our customers regarding the services that we deliver and keeping them updated about the progress of the work. 

    Pricing and Packages – heating and plumbing Commercial gas engineer in Cardiff

    Without a doubt, we only charge what is spent on the work. In other words, we do not add any additional services to make extra charges. Moreover, our team is honest and dedicated and most appreciated in the UK. We offer the best cost-effective and economical expenses in exchange for an excellent service. Furthermore, we don’t compromise over quality work but promise you with guaranteed results.

    The price for a new boiler replacement can vary, depending on many crucial elements:

    • The type of boiler you want to install in your house (e.g. combi, system or regular)
    • Moving you boiler to a different location
    • The model you aim to buy (e.g. mid-range vs. premium)
    • Converting your current boiler with another type (e.g. system to combi)
    • The extras you get (e.g. filters, a controller or smart thermostats)

    Without a doubt, replacing you current combi boiler with another is cheaper than converting your system boiler to a combi boiler.

    Converting your boiler needs more time, more labour and more materials. Not to mention how complex the whole process is.

    Which model you pick also plays a huge role in determining the cost for a new boiler. Here at Let’s Heat, we offer some of the best brands in the boiler industry such as Alpha, Worcester Bosch and Viessmann.

    With Let’s Heat you can choose from the multiple ways of payment we offer to our customers. You can pay in cash or get a boiler finance plan that will enable you to pay monthly for your new boiler.

    Lastly, our team of Gas Engineers deliver unmatched warming services nationwide, 24 hours per day. You can also Visit us on Facebook.

    Identifying the problem! Commercial gas engineer in Cardiff:

    If you are having issues with your current boiler, then you can have it fixed or replaced. We can help you find the problem and determine whether you actually require a new boiler or not. We have excellent staff here at Let’s Heat. Our engineers can help you with what you need and are available regardless of the time and day

    Can I get a next-day boiler replacement?

    Yes, you can if you order your boiler before 12 pm during the colder months, and 2 pm in the warmer months.

    We offer next-day boiler fitting nationwide in England, Wales and Scotland, so you do not have to be without heating for long, even in the colder months of winter

    Not many boiler companies can fit a boiler at such short notice nationwide. So if you need a boiler urgently, get a quote from Let’s Heat.

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    Boiler Replacement energy regulations…

    Over the last few years, the UK has passed several government guidelines for boiler installation and energy efficiency. These guidelines should be followed. please remember:

    • Gas boilers should have at least a 92% ErP efficiency regardless of boiler type.
    • A Combi boiler installation should have one energy-saving feature.
    • You should have functioning time and temperature controls.

    Finance for your boiler replacement

    Buying a new boiler and having a boiler installation is an investment. However, it can be expensive, especially paying for it all in one time. You can get the job done on a finance package that is FCA-approved if you don’t have enough money on hand.

    Boiler Replacement Payment Options

    What’s more, we can also offer a number of split payment options for you to consider.

    For new boiler installation, you can pay by card, pay zero deposit, and pay monthly over 2 to 10-years or take our a finance package.

    Finance option – Commercial gas engineer in Cardiff

    If you find yourself unable to buy a new boiler outright, then you should consider a boiler finance plan.

    If you are eligible to use boiler financing, then you will be able to pay monthly for you boiler over the course of 2, 4, 6 or 10 years.

    To sum up:                                               

    • No deposit is needed
    • You can make overpayments with no penalty 
    • The ability to spread the cost over 2, 4, 6, or 10 years
    • Interest rates from 9.9% APR
    So why Let’s Heat for your boiler replacement?

    A. Let’s Heat Are Quality & Accredited Boiler Installers

    Let’s Heat professional engineers and emergency plumbers provide a professional and reliable emergency plumbing and heating services. These include Boiler Installation, in Cardiff and the surrounding CF postcode area in South Wales.

    The boiler installation & repair team are all fully qualified to the highest standards. We take pride in producing exemplary work standards which include completing all boiler installation needs no regardless of the time and day.

    Our team of high-quality professional engineers has an extremely high score of 4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot by our previous happy customers. Moreover, we are fully accredited by Gas Safe and Corgi registered, as well as FCA approved for all of our financial transactions.

    All of our staff at Let’s Heat are experts in their field and have gathered many years of experience. We have worked on a wide selection of emergency plumbing and heating solutions and services throughout Cardiff, the rest of Wales and the UK.

    B. Because we care…

    Are you still a little confused about where to start or who to use?

    Our easy-to-use online questionnaire will help you with everything that you, and us, need to know in order to make sure that you have the right solution for your needs. Additionally, we will ensure that you are completely happy with the solution offered before completing any work.

    Why else?

    • We cover Cardiff and surrounding areas of South Wales
    • We are reliable, professional, and trustworthy
    • High Trustpilot score of 4.9 out of 5.
    • Our finance is FCA accredited
    • Gas Safe Accredited (corgi registered)
    • At any rate, our prices are very competitive
    • We ensure that your house is kept clean and tidy during any work
    • Our workmen use floor protection on each job
    • We always make sure your rubbish is correctly disposed of
    • Our Service comes with a 12-month snag guarantee
    • Lastly, we travel anywhere throughout the UK

    Get a Quote

    You can research your boiler replacement requirements and choose your new boiler and the boiler installation online without leaving the comfort of your home…

    If you need a new boiler installation, don’t hesitate to reach out to our reliable boiler engineers team for more information.

    We cover what you might need, including the full boiler replacement from Our Let’s Heat Team. We replace boilers nationwide and include next-day service (on orders placed before 12/2 pm in all seasons.

    Our staff is experienced and skilled in all aspects of boiler installation services, boiler repair and maintenance. So if you have any further questions, please feel free to take a look at our boiler replacement FAQS or contact us.

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    The full range of heating & plumbing services provided by Let’s Heat are as follows:

    • Boiler Repairs & Installations
    • Emergency Boiler Repairs & Installations
    • Boiler Finance
    • Boiler Supply & Fit
    • Emergency Boiler Supply & Fit
    • Plumbing Repairs
    • Bathroom Plumbing
    • Emergency Plumbing Repairs
    • Kitchen Plumbing
    • Emergency Bathroom Plumbing
    • Emergency Kitchen Plumbing
    • General Plumbing Services
    • Emergency Plumbing Services
    • Emergency Gas & Heating Engineer
    Areas covered by our Boiler Replacement Services:

    The Let’s Heat boiler engineers cover all of Wales & England


    Let’s Heat provide Boiler Replacement throughout Wales, including areas like South East Wales, South Wales, South West Wales, Mid Wales, East Wales, West Wales, and North Wales.

    This includes the cities of Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, and all other towns and cities in Wales


    Let’s Heat provide Boiler Replacement throughout England, including areas like South West England, South East England, East Midlands, West Midlands, North West England, and North East England.

    This includes the cities of London, Reading, Southampton, Portsmouth, Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth, Gloucester, Swindon, Oxford, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham, Worcester, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, York, Sheffield, Newcastle, Sunderland as well as Middlesbrough, etc.

    Any more questions?

    If you have any further questions, please see our FAQ Page because you might find the answers there or on our News Blog.  If you want to check out our Gas Safe Registration or want to see our near 5 star Trustpilot rating please click the link!


    Do commercial properties need gas safety certificate?

    Yes, It is a legal requirement for any commercial with a commercial gas appliance, which is occupied, rented or open to the general public requires. We provide annual boiler servicing and commercial gas certificate for boilers and commercial kitchens.

    Is it a legal requirement to have a gas safety certificate?

    Yes, it is a legal requirement for any rented accommodation and commercial premises. But not a legal requirement for Homeowners who resides in their own property.

    What is a commercial gas engineer?

    Let’s Heat are a highly professional company providing commercial gas engineers who are able to service, repair, install and maintain just about any kind of heating and boiler system for the Cardiff area, for both commercial premises and domestic properties.

    What is the fine for not having a gas safety certificate?

    You could end up in jail for upto six months and fines £6000 on top of that. If results of action lead to death then you will charged criminally and prosecuted in the crown court for man slaughter. The maximum sentence a judge can impose for manslaughter is imprisonment for life.

    How much is a commercial landlord gas safety certificate?

    prices start from £150 for the first appliance. Additional £70 per boiler or £30 per catering appliance, But prices can range for commercial boilers of high output ranges.