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    Updated: February 4, 2024

    Commercial Air Conditioning Installation 

    In most commercial places air conditioning is considered to be important for both the staff and the customers. Commercial air conditioning has many benefits that would make your business more desirable to customers. 

    The efficiency of commercial air conditioning systems is always on the rise due to the rise in the cost of energy. That is why more cost-effective systems are always needed to replace older models. We offer a range of commercial air conditioning systems to cater for all types of building. Form single industrial units to large office blocks or hotels. 

    What are the advantages of commercial air conditioning? 

    One of the main benefits of commercial air conditioning is having the ability to cool your workspace to whatever temperatures you desire. Other advantages may include an increase in workers’ productivity as well as customer satisfaction. In addition to cooling your workplace in summer, you will also be able to heat it in the colder months. 

    Customer satisfaction 

    Nowadays it is expected from businesses to provide an environment which is temperature-controlled. A comfortable environment can encourage customers to spend more time at your commercial property. And as they would spend more time, so they would spend more money. 

    Employee productivity 

    And air conditioned environment can enhance the productivity of your employees. A cooled workplace can provide a relaxed environment which can be less distracting to your staff. Heat can make people irritated and thus work less effectively. 

    Heating or cooling 

    Without a doubt, almost the majority of air conditioning systems can both cool and heat your place of business. So that is why an air conditioner is not only useful in one season but all around the year. Using your air conditioning unit for heating purposes can be more effective than the conventional space heater because it will give you full control. 

    What is more, an air conditioner has the ability to boost energy efficiency more than a conventional heater because it can harness heat from external air instead of generating heat in the conventional way of a heater. 

    Having a system at work that can both cool and heat can provide you with more benefits. For instance, it has been shown by research that men tend to work in a cooler environment while women prefer to work in a warmer one. An air conditioning system can do both at the same time to satisfy both. 

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    What are the requirements to consider when getting a commercial air conditioning system? 

    Commercial air conditioning systems require special consideration for installation, repairs, and maintenance, because they have substantial differences from residential air conditioners. The major difference between cooling a commercial area and cooling a residential space how much power is needed by the air conditioner. 

    Which type of AC is the best for commercial use? 

     A centralized air conditioning unit does not take a lot of space in a room since all its components are located outside. It would only send cool air through vents which are placed in each room. This type of air conditioning is more efficient especially when it is used in bigger buildings like large hotels and commercial buildings. 

    How does a commercial air handler work? 

    Air handlers work by blowing air through the evaporator coil and then transfer it all throughout the building. They depend on a system of ductwork that makes sure every room is equally cooled off, or heated up. The main components included in a condensing unit are a compressor and condenser coil. 

    What are the types of commercial air conditioning systems? 

    Each place of business differs in one way or another and so will the type of system that needs to be installed. Supermarkets, offices or cafes all require different types of air conditioning. 

    After surveying your place of business, we can help you determine the right air conditioning system that best fit your business requirements. 

    Split commercial air conditioners 

    Because of its adaptability and cost-effective price, split air conditioning systems are the most popular choice that business owners tend to go with. Due to their ability to both cool or heat a place, they are perfect for small workplaces like offices, cafés and independent stores for example. In addition to the usual split system, you can also have a multiple split system which can be installed and used in relation to one another in order to heat or cool a larger workplace. 

    Another benefit to the split air conditioning system is that if one part is faulty, the other would be fine. So you can just worry about fixing one of the units and not both. 

    On the other hand, each internal unit installed would require an external unit to be installed. Much outdoor space is needed in that case. And that’s one of the main disadvantages that are attached to the split system. 

    Multi-split commercial air conditioners 

    When it comes to their operation, then both the split system and the multiple system work in the same manner. However, the only difference is that with the multiple system you will need one external unit for nine internal units. That, of course, depends on the model you are using. 

    With the multiple system, you will be able to maintain the external aesthetic look of your building due to the few outside units that will be installed. However, this type of system is typically more complex to install as well as expensive when compared to the single split unit.  

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    VRV/VRF commercial air conditioners 

    VRF stands for ‘variable refrigerant flow’. On the other hand, VAR means ‘variable refrigerant volume.’ This might be confusing but both of these terms refer to the same type of HVAC commercial system. 

    If you own a workplace which is medium or large in size, then a VRF/VRV commercial air conditioner might be the most suitable system to have at your workspace.   

    Many benefits are associated with this type of air conditioning system. These might include having the ability to heat and cool a large workspace. This type is also highly efficient and reliable. A VRV/VRF system would utilise a heat recovery method to recover waste heat from throughout the premises and would use this heat to heat other rooms. What is more, their installation process is usually very quick and painless and without disrupting your workplace or environment.  

    On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to installing this system. For starter, this system might be expensive and so might be the cost of installation. It is recommended that when you choose to go with this system, then it is better to invest in a backup condenser. A backup condenser would provide peace of mind if your outside unit fails to work properly.  

    About us  

    We provide a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced engineers who have the necessary skills to perform an outstanding job. We offer installation services, regular servicing and repairs.  

    A site survey can be made by our staff to suggest the most suitable solution for your business requirements and budget. We know how tiresome and confusing it is to go through all the details and information about air conditioning so that is why we are here to help. 

    We offer a wide range of products to provide you with a tailored quote and service. We offer products from leading manufacturers, each of which would offer you different and unique features to suit what you specifically require. 

    Our team of engineers are reliable and trustworthy. You can always count on us to provide you with an excellent service that will not let you down. Our team of experts work to the highest standards to ensure efficiency. We take the time to understand what our clients exactly require to help them on individual basis. 

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    Duct installation 

    The installation of duct network on central air conditioning systems is a job for specialists. We can offer you a vast range of duct installation services for all types of air conditioners. We have a qualified team of engineers who work to the highest standards to ensure perfection in our work. 

     Removal of Existing Systems 

    Removal of air conditioning units is a delicate job which requires professional staff of engineers. Care and caution is needed while removing cassette units in order to prevent any loss of refrigerant and any damage to the compressor. Whether you need a cassette removal or to decommission an entire system, we can help.  


    What is commercial air conditioning?

    It is a self-contained heating and air conditioning system which is used in larger commercial and industrial buildings. This large unit is usually located on the roof and it is perfect for buildings where there is not a lot of floor or wall space. 

    What is the difference between commercial AC and residential AC?

    The first big difference is the size. Residential HVAC units are much smaller in comparison to commercial systems. Commercial HVAC systems are larger because they are generally employed to cool much larger spaces. Spaces such as warehouses, department stores, and even medium-size businesses benefit from these larger systems as well. 

    How does HVAC work in a commercial building?

    The heating aspect of an HVAC system is made by using radiators or supply air systems which exist within the commercial building. Ventilation is accomplished by extracting the contaminated air out of the building while maintaining clean air around. It also circulates the internal air and removes any excess humidity.