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    Updated: February 3, 2024

    If you are in need of Boiler service in Cardiff, then you have come to the right place. To put it simply, a boiler service includes several checks and tests that will be carried out by a Gas Safe engineer. The aim of this service is to ensure that your boiler is working in an effective and an efficient manner. The correct gas pressure and flow will be checked by a Gas Safe engineer. What is more, the engineer, without a doubt, will also take a look at the flue and combustion of your boiler.

    What is boiler service in Cardiff?

    Boiler service should take place annually to check the efficiency of your boiler and to prevent any possible breakdowns. This service is recommended by boiler manufacturers. Keep in mind that your boiler warranty will be void if your boiler in not annually serviced. That is why you should have your boiler serviced every year.

    You cannot service your boiler by yourself. It must be performed by a Gas Safe engineer. In some cases, you might need to have a boiler service certificate for your record. This certificate would prove that your boiler service has been performed by a Gas Safe registered engineer and that your boiler is safe to operate. This certificate can only be provided by a Gas Safe engineer.

    It is your responsibility to ensure that your boiler is serviced annually by a Gas Safe engineer whether you are a homeowner or a landlord. When it comes to landlords, then every landlord must have a record of boiler service and any other gas appliances check record in the form of Gas Safely Certificate or CP12 certificate.

    What can happen if I don’t get my boiler serviced?

    Not getting your boiler serviced annually can lead to various problems. Some of which can be quite costly to repair or even pose a health hazard. Carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the problems that should not be taken lightly as it can be dangerous for you and your family. A breakdown in your boiler would mean that you will be without hot water or heating for a long time. These issues can be prevented with a boiler service plan.

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    What is involved in a Boiler Service?

    The following tasks will be performed when you hire a Gas Safe engineer:

    Visual Inspection of your boiler

    Firstly, your boiler will be inspected by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Generally speaking, hiring a Gas Safe registered engineer can cost you about £100. Both your boiler and control will be checked by the engineer in order to make sure that these components are working as they should be.

    While carrying out this visual examination, the engineer will look closely for any weak points like corrosion damage or leaks.

    Casing Removal

    The boiler casing will be removed after the Gas Safe registered engineer inspects the boiler from the outside. After that the main components will be checked by the engineer to ensure that they are working properly. Other things will be checked as well after the removal of the casing. These might include checking the main injector, the heat exchanger, spark probe and burner. Keep in mind that it is dangerous to try and remove the case of the boiler yourself.

    Flue Check

    With this check, the heating engineer will make sure that there is nothing which is obstructing the flue terminals. The flue will also be checked to ensure that it is well fitted or not. This can help to detect if any dangerous emissions are being discharged from your boiler.

    Check of Gas Pressure

    A gas pressure assists your boiler to operate. Optimum gas pressure is needed all the time for your boiler to operate properly. If this is not achieved, then the water in both the taps and the radiators will not heat up to the level required. The gas pressure of your boiler will be checked to save you from any unexpected troubles.

    Boiler Fired Up

    This check is done to see if there are any working faults which may exist in your boiler.

    Issuance of Report

    You will be given a report after the completion of your boiler service. This report states if there is any issues with your boiler. It can also include a guide which will help you look after your boiler and make sure that it is working effectively and efficiently.

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    How to know if my boiler needs servicing?

    If you maintain your boiler well, then you can expect it to last for as long as 15 years. What is more, with boiler service, you will extend the lifespan of your boiler. Taking care of your boiler is essential to the Longevity of your boiler.

    It is not recommended that you ignore any signs which might suggest that your boiler needs servicing. These signs might include:

    Loud noises

    A boiler can produce some noise which will eventually fades into the background. However, if you suspect that your boiler is being loud more than usual, you should get it serviced.

    In some cases, your boiler can produce loud noises because of the wear and tear of the fan or pump. This is also a sign that you need boiler service.

    Turned off pilot light

    Another sign that indicates a problem with your boiler is when the pilot light keeps on turning off. This light is the ignition for your boiler. When this light is turned off, it means that your boiler is not working.

    Performance is Inefficient

    If your home is still cold when the heating is on, it means that there is something wrong with your boiler. This can mean that your radiators are working as they should but your boiler is operating inefficiently. In such a case, a power flush is required. A heating engineer can inspect your boiler and see what exactly is going on.

    Unusual odour

    An unusual odour usually indicate that your boiler is leaking. Dark marks can be seen on the casing of your boiler in case of leaking. A heating engineer must be immediately called once this takes place.

    No service for a year

    It is recommended that you have your boiler serviced once a year. If your boiler has exceeded this limit, then it is due to be serviced. Boiler service can maintain your boiler and keep it in good condition. It will, as a result, be working efficiently.

    Why a boiler service is important?


    A boiler service provides the perfect opportunity for an engineer to spot any existing safety issues such as a carbon monoxide leak. If you have any concerns about the safety of your boiler, then you should have a heating engineer take a look and service your boiler. For example, if you notice that the flame is orange in colour rather than blue, then it is recommended that you get in touch with a professional heating engineer, even if it is not yet the time for your annual service.

    Keeps your heating bills low

    With time and as your boiler gets older, it can be less efficient. And as a result it will require more fuel and energy to heat your home. This can cost you a considerable amount of money. However, an annual service can ensure that all the components are working in their best possible condition. And that they can also work with the highest possible efficiency.

    Prevention of breakdowns

    In addition to helping you keep your energy bills down, boiler service can also prevent a possible breakdown in your heating system before it takes place. A breakdown, which otherwise, would be costly to repair.

    Boiler repairs are costly

    Spotting a problem with your boiler when it is too late can lead to replacing the whole damaged component, which can be quite costly. On the other hand, spotting a problem in its early stage might prevent that. Instead, you will only have to pay to fix the damaged part rather than get a new one.

     Keeps Your Warranty Valid

    A manufacturer warranty is usually included with your boiler. A warranty of between 1 to 15 years. This warranty is, in most cases, only valid as long as your boiler is regularly serviced by a gas safe engineer on yearly basis.

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    When Should I Service My Boiler?

    A boiler service should be performed annually. The aim of the service is to check the boiler and the heating system in order to make sure it is running efficiently and safely. Even if there is nothing wrong with your boiler, boiler service is highly recommended because it keeps the warranty of the boiler valid.

    The best time to get your boiler serviced is in summer. This is the season when you are using your boiler less. You would not have to worry as you will know that your boiler is ready to supply hot water and heat your house in winter. Since summer is off-season, you will find an engineer quickly and without trouble.

    How much does a boiler service plan cost?

    A boiler service plan can have a range of prices. It can start from over £5.00 per month to over £60.00 per year for a gas boiler. As for oil boilers it can be over £7.00 a month to £90.00 a year. This plan, which is low in cost, can help you maintain your boiler on regular basis and serve to satisfy the warranty of the manufacturing company if they are applicable. The aim of this plan is to work along with your warranty in order to offer you the best possible value for your boiler.

    We can also offer our customers a central heating care plan alongside your boiler service plan. For an oil system it will cost over £12.00 per month and £150.00 per year. As for a gas system, it will be £10.00 per month and £120.00 per year.

    The boiler service plans we offer:

    Gold plan

    • Our gold plan includes the following:
    • Hints and tips about ongoing maintenance
    • Yearly service maintenance
    • Repairs of up to £150.00 if needed
    • A team of skilled gas safe engineers
    • A boiler replacement of up to £800 when needed ( cost of installation is not included)

    Gold plus plan

    • Our gold plus plan includes the following:
    • An ongoing maintenance plan with tips and hints
    • Annual service provided
    • Repairs that can reach £150.00 if needed
    • Engineers who are gas safe registered
    • A boiler replacement of up to £800 when needed ( cost of installation is not included)
    • Looking after your central heating system.

    Why choose us for the job?

    • An excellent gas safe engineer would look after and service your system on yearly basis to ensure high efficiency.
    • You can include your central heating in the same package as well.
    • We use new parts for repairs, and where possible direct from the manufacturer!

    The other services we provide in Cardiff:

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    How Long Can Boiler Service Take?

    A boiler service usually lasts for 30 minutes. However, the time might vary depending on various factors such as the type of boiler, brand and model.

    How often should a boiler be serviced?

    In order to make sure that your boiler is running safely and efficiently, it should be serviced as often as once a year. Not having your boiler serviced could lead to faults, higher energy bills and your warranty expiring early.

    Is it important to get a boiler serviced?

    Having an annual boiler service can ensure that any small issues with it are found and fixed before they develop to become bigger issues, which could result in your boiler breaking down altogether. A broken-down boiler is typically expensive to fix or could mean a new boiler if it can’t be fixed.

    What does a normal boiler service include?

    During a boiler service, the heating engineer would remove, inspect and clean the main components in the boiler to make sure that they are fit for purpose and have no noticeable defects. This will include the main burner, heat exchanger, flue ways, and ignition pins.

    What happens if I don’t service my boiler?

    Your boiler will become less efficient, consume more energy, and increase the risk of catastrophic failure as well.