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    Updated: February 20, 2024

    Baxi has been in the boiler business since 1866. Their customer service is award winning and they are one of the leading manufacturers of heating solutions in the UK. Baxi boilers are a popular option for many homes in the UK. Here at Let’s Heat we install service and repair Baxi Boilers in Cardiff.

    Baxi produces different types of boilers (combi, system and regular) that come in a wide range of outputs to suit your home. Baxi boilers are also known for being easy to maintain and install. Their range of light lift weight models allow easier installation. Moreover, Baxi boilers are recognised for being affordable when it comes to their cost.

    Baxi boiler range in Cardiff

    As we have stated before Baxi manufactures combi, system and regular boilers. Baxi boilers run on natural gas. However, most models can also run on LPG conversions for gomes that are off the gas grid. What is more, hydrogen-ready models are available. So if hydrogen fuel becomes widely available, these units can run using a blended fuel of up to 20% hydrogen.

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    Baxi Boilers In Cardiff
    Baxi Boilers In Cardiff 5

    Baxi combi boiler models in Cardiff

    • Baxi 200 Combi
    • Baxi 400 Combi
    • Baxi 600 Combi
    • Baxi 800 Combi
    • Baxi Platinum Combi
    • Baxi Duo-tec Combi

    Baxi system boiler models in Cardiff

    • Baxi 600 System
    • Baxi 800 System
    • Baxi Megaflo System

    Baxi regular (heat only) boiler models in Cardiff

    • Baxi 400 Heat
    • Baxi 600 Heat
    • Baxi 800 Heat

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    Baxi boilers have an efficiency rate of 29% and they come in a wide range of output sizes (kW) to match your heating requirements. With such a high level of efficiency, less fuel will be burned for the same amount of energy. As a result, you may notice a reduction in your heating bills. This can also reduce your carbon footprint to a certain extent.

    Both their system and regular boiler are compatible with Megaflo Eco cylinders. These cylinders can keep a consistent level of high water pressure going through your heating system.

    When it comes to warranties, all baxi boilers come with up to 10 years warranty which include parts and labour, granted that the terms are followed and the repair parts come with Baxi accreditation.

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    What are the best Baxi boilers?

    To answer this question we have prepared a guide on the top 3 boiler model ranges offered by Baxi. These include the 3 main types of boilers (combi, system and regular).

    Baxi 800 Combi

    The Baxi 800 combi boiler is a powerful, yet a lightweight unit that weighs between 29kg to 30kg. It can fit in a standard kitchen cupboard so it offers easy installation. What is more, it has an Adey Micro2 magnetic filter which can protect the unit against iron oxides and other debris which might build up in your system. Their own Easy-Fill permanent filling link can make it easier for you to increase the pressure without the need for a heating engineer. The price for this system is between £858 – £1,205.

    What are the features of the Baxi 800 combi boiler?

    * 10 years warranty

    * Hydrogen compatible by 20%

    * Central heating outputs of: 21.2 and 26.4 (kW)

    * Domestic hot water outputs of: 25, 30 and 36 (kW)

    * A-rated ErP

    Baxi 400 Heat (regular boiler)

    The 400 regular boiler is a lightweight system (21.5kg) and wall-mounted system that is known for its quiet operation. For better water pressure, this system includes a flue built in the back. Moreover, they can be fitted with the Megaflo Eco cylinder. This is a popular option due to its competitive price tag.

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    Baxi Boilers In Cardiff
    Baxi Boilers In Cardiff 6

    What are the main features of the Baxi 400 combi boiler?

    * 5 year warranty

    * Hydrogen compatible by 20%

    * Output ranges of : 12, 18, 24 and 30 (kW)

    * A-rated ErP

    Baxi Megaflo System Boiler

    This range of baxi boilers is suitable for homes with multiple bathrooms and high hot water demand. To achieve powerful water pressure they can be installed alongside an innovative Megaflo Eco cylinder. And since they are compatible with multiple flue types, they offer a range of installation options.

    How much do Baxi boilers cost?

    The cost for a baxi boiler is typically between £650 to £1,500. Baxi offers affordable boilers and competitive prices. As for the installation cost, it depends on the complexity of the process. Things such as restructuring the pipework or replacing the boiler filter might add to the cost. The cost of installation might be around £1,500.

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    Baxi combi boiler output range

    Baxi offers a central heating output range of 21kW-34kW and a domestic hot water output of 24kW to 40kW. Among these is the Baxi 800 Platinum+ which is suitable for homes of any size.

    • The Baxi Duo-tec Combi 24 model has a central heating power output of 21kW and hot water output of 24kW that can heat homes with 1 bathroom and 8-10 radiators.
    • The Baxi 800 Platinum+ 40kW model has a central heating power output of 34.4kW and hot water output of 40kW that can heat homes with more than 3 bathrooms and 20-25 radiators.

    Baxi system boiler output range

    Baxi’s range of system boilers have an output of 12kW to 32kW. They are suitable for most types of homes. Nonetheless, they do require some space for the hot water storage cylinder. System boilers are ideal for large homes since they have a hot water storage that can supply multiple outlets.

    • The Baxi Assure System 12 model has a power output of 12.9kW that can heat homes with 1 bathroom and 6-12 radiators.
    • The Baxi Platinum+ 32kW System model has a power output of 32kW that can heat homes with 2 bathrooms and 15-20 radiators.

    Baxi regular boiler output range

    Baxi’s range of regular boilers have an output of 12kW-30kW. This makes them suitable for any size home. However, as with regular boilers, they can take up a large space in your home due to having an additional cold water tank and a hot water cylinder. That is why they might not be suitable for homes with limited space.

    • The Baxi 412 Heat model has a power output of 12kW that can heat homes with 1 bathroom and 6-12 radiators.
    • The Baxi 830 Heat model has a power output of 30kW that can heat homes with 2 bathrooms and 15-20 radiators.

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    Baxi Boilers In Cardiff
    Baxi Boilers In Cardiff 7

    Why choose smartadapt

    We’re Punctual

    We always aim for simplicity and quality of work. Using the latest and the beat management system to schedule jobs and confirm appointments, send reminders and issue certificates and send bills. We offer next-day installations and emergency services as well. We’re very quick to respond to your call and will be at your doorstep in no time.

    We Care

    Establishing a good relationship with our customers is our priority. We always take the time to understand what your heating requirements are. We do our best so as not to create any sort of disruption to your home or make so much noise.

    Experienced Staff

    Our experience in the heating business has paved the way for us to expand further and provide our services nationwide. We’re very committed to our work. Our engineers are helpful and informative. They are highly skilled and have a wide knowledge of their trade. Our services include: boiler installation, maintenance, repair and boiler service plan. We work with all types of boilers: heat only boilers, system boilers and combi boilers. We install heat pumps and central heating systems. And we also provide plumbing services and much more.

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    How efficient are Baxi boilers?

    All Baxi boilers have an ErP rating of A or higher and an efficiency range between 92%-93%. This means that Baxi are manufacturing some of the most efficient boilers available on the UK market at present.

    How long do Baxi boilers last?

    A Baxi boiler can last from 10-15 years, provided that it is regularly maintained and serviced by a Gas Safe engineer.

    Who makes Baxi boilers?

    Baxi is part of BDR Thermea Group.BDR Thermea Group is a world leading manufacturer and distributor of smart thermal comfort solutions for domestic and commercial use.

    How do Baxi boilers work?

    The boiler heats the water in a hot water storage cylinder, such as the Megaflo Eco, which then heats the water in the central heating system using a coiled heat exchanger to provide hot water to taps and showers.

    Why choose a Baxi boiler?

    Baxi boilers are lightweight and compact in design. They last for long, have low running costs and compliance with all the latest low-carbon legislation.

    How often do boilers need to be replaced?

    The average boiler can last to around 15 years given that it is well maintained and serviced. Although a yearly service can improve the lifespan of your boiler, an older boiler still has to work harder to heat your home.

    How do I know if my boiler needs replacing?

    There are some signs you can watch for to determine whether your boiler needs to be replaced or not. Some of these signs are as follows:
    Odd smells
    Higher bills
    Frequent breakdowns
    Yellow flame
    Noisy system
    Low performance
    Parts problems

    Is it better to repair or replace a boiler?

    In many cases, repairing your boiler can be the most cost effective and efficient way of getting your heating back up and running. If you have a newer boiler that’s usually reliable then it’s unlikely that you will need to replace it. However, if your boiler is old and too costly to repair, then you might want to think of boiler replacement.