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    Updated: March 18, 2024

    ATAG Boiler Error Codes

    According to ATAG, ATAG boilers are both installed and commissioned to the highest of standards. They also claim that they take greater care when it comes to their boilers efficiency and benefit. However, even boilers, which have been made to ensure high efficiency, tend to sometimes have an issue.

    Who are ATAG Boilers?

    Maybe you have not heard much about ATAG boilers, but they have been in the boiler business for as long as 70 years. Without a doubt, they have established the highest standards when it comes to energy efficiency and excellence engineering skills on global level.

    What makes ATAG special is the fact that they operate in different countries around the world. According to the company, they hold the claim that their boilers are the most energy-efficient across Europe and that they have the lowest NOx emissions. In short, they are more environmentally friendly.

    There is an iCon heat exchanger that is fitted in each of their boilers. This device can maintain 98% of its original efficiency levels throughout the boiler lifetime. As a result, your energy bills will be reduced. And that what makes ATAG boilers appealing to customers.

    ATAG boiler can be installed in both domestic properties and large commercial buildings. These boilers can offer efficiency, supreme reliability as well as high performance. Design engineers as well as architects usually prefer ATAG boilers and are on the top of their list when it comes to boilers. ATAG boilers have won many global rewards and have been highly rated by UK consumers on Trustpilot.

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    Atag Boiler Error Codes
    Atag Boiler Error Codes / Fault Codes 3

    What are the benefits of having an ATAG boiler installed?

    • There are 4 different boiler models
    • Quiet operation
    • It has a compact design
    • It is both Reliable and efficient
    • It has a standard 10-year warrant, which can be extended to 14
    • User friendly

    However, in some cases, getting a new boiler might be more cost-effective than getting your old boiler fixed. Some issues might be costly to fix. What is more, a new boiler will probably be more efficient and can help you save both money and energy. That is why getting a new boiler is a good investment in the long run.

    Get a quote from Let’s Heat. We have a large range of products and our staff of Gas Safe engineers provides an excellent service that is both professional and reliable. In addition, we can help you get the boiler that best fits your house and heat requirements.

    This page can help you identify and understand what issues you may be having with your boiler. This can make it easier to tell your Gas Safe engineer what is wrong with your boiler.

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    Main Boiler Error Codes / Fault Codes

    What are ATAG boiler error codes?

    Fault CodeThe Problem
    10Outside sensor error
    20Flow sensor error
    40Return sensor error
    61Bus communication error
    78Water pressure out of range
    105Venting program active when power turn on/ interrupted (runs for 7 mins)
    110Exceeded safety temperature
    111Exceeded maximum pressure
    119X2 link positions 4 and 5 are missing
    129Fan doesn’t start
    133No flame after 5 ignition attempts
    151Fan error or control unit defective (speed control is not achieved)
    154Return greater than flow – flow temperature increases too fast
    101Overheat error
    102Pressure sensor fault
    104Flow check failed
    108Pressure needs filling
    1P4Pressure needs filling to 0.5 – 0.8 bar
    109Pressure > Pmax error
    110Send probe damaged
    112Return probe error – could be damaged
    114Outdoor sensor error – could be damaged
    141Central heating flow switch is open
    201Domestic hot water (DHW) probe damaged
    203Tank probe damaged
    303Printed circuit board (PCB) error
    304Too many resets have occurred
    501No flame detected
    612Fan fault – fan isn’t starting up

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    ATAG Boiler Error Codes / Fault Codes

    iC and iS Combi Boiler Error Codes

    Fault Code System Behaviour 
    50Domestic hot water (DHW) sensor error
    117Pressure greater than 3 bar or pump pressure increase is too high
    118Pressure less than 1 bar or pump pressure increase too low (no pump detection)

    Other Fault Codes you may encounter

    If you see a spanner symbol this could mean two things. Firstly, your boiler is in service mode. Secondly, it could mean there is a blocking issue. It might be a temporary issue if the boiler is blocking the code. However, if the error keeps on showing, it might lock the boiler after few attempts.

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    Where are ATAG boilers manufactured?

    ATAG boilers are engineered in Holland and use the highest quality stainless steel and brass components. Facts which explain why they are built to last. And why a 14 year warranty is possible with this brand of boilers.

    How efficient are ATAG boilers?

    The efficiency rating can show you how much of the fuel is converted into usable energy for the central heating or domestic hot water. Modern ATAG boilers have an ErP Efficiency rating of 94%, making them highly efficient.

    How long is ATAG warranty?

    All ATAG boilers come with a 10 year warranty as standard with a lifetime guarantee on the heat exchanger. This warranty can be extended to 14 years.

    Why does my ATAG boiler keep losing pressure?

    Possible causes can be broken diaphragms and airlocks, problems with the thermostat, low water levels or failure of motorised valves. It’s a good idea to check if an issue with boiler pressure or your thermostat is causing the issue.

    What should water pressure be on ATAG boiler?

    As with most boiler models, the ATAG boiler water pressure should be around 1.5 bar.